ntelligent machine forced SP mode China Telecom reform wireless music industry

long constrained by the profit model of China’s online music industry, is brewing a new round of business model innovation.

in November 1st, the Ministry of culture called the main enterprises of national digital music executives held an all day seminar in Guangzhou, will come from the country digital music companies responsible for the development of the industry of the discussion.

the current development of the digital music is not optimistic, the original rely on advertising, download single way of payment has not been developed, and the mobile operators of the original very profitable SP wireless business, is affected by the huge impact of intelligent mobile phone.

a source close to the Ministry of culture, told reporters that the Ministry of culture has been brewing a number of policies to encourage business innovation in the field of digital music.

in all modes of innovation, mobile phone App record scheme is considered China Telecom proposed the biggest innovation of industry, may lead to a pattern, and is pursued by the government and the music industry.

profit model trapped

network music has been developed in China for more than ten years, but its market size has lagged far behind other digital entertainment industry.

according to statistics from the Ministry of culture in 2011, China network music overall market size is only 2 billion 780 million yuan (with the network music service providers, content providers, total revenue) of income in the online music market is 380 million yuan, the wireless music market size of 2 billion 400 million yuan (total revenue to the content provider).

Wen Rui chief analyst Gao Dongxu pointed out that compared with last year, the domestic online game scale up to 48 billion 200 million, the network video industry reached 6 billion 200 million (this year is expected to exceed 10 billion), the development of domestic digital music industry is far behind the other brothers.

restricts the development of Chinese digital music is the biggest reason for the entire Chinese online music industry has been the lack of a good profit model. In China, the business model has not yet been developed by song download fees, the vast majority of Internet users through free access to music.

profit model of the current domestic network music, including advertising, free + high quality version pay, social music fees, personalized music push services, online and offline performance etc..

cool dog music President Xie Zhenyu concluded, after years of exploration, the music industry has basically been proved unsuitable by advertising model to support, this is because the audio in the advertising media, and video and pictures, text has more advantages than disadvantages.

he spoke for example, the domestic video website has been able to rely on the advertising model is successful, because the video media is very suitable for advertising, which is behind the more than 100 billion of the traditional TV advertising market, the natural horizon shift to online video to. The network music corresponds to the traditional radio advertising, the entire broadcast market line

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