Veoshoesshoes CMO Han Buyong e-commerce marketing to intensive and meticulous farming

recently, Adworld2011 and time* micro interactive marketing world summit held today in Beijing, Adworld2011 this year’s theme is: the reconstruction of 1, do 2, 3 understanding, science and technology channel do full live at the scene.

in the afternoon of e-commerce and Online Marketing Summit Forum, the name of the library CMO Mr. Han Buyong shared the network marketing strategy from the inside out.

below is the full text of Mr. Han Buyong’s speech:

Han Buyong: in our business, we believe that the price comparison in the media crazy situation this year, the electricity supplier from the previous extensive intensive and meticulous farming, now to 2011 should be a year of intensive and meticulous farming, intensive and meticulous farming. From the inside out is our experience of the past two years, we see these two years of advertising rose very fast, I need to share with you in this area we have two years of experience. We just last month is the two anniversary of the company, which is the two anniversary of our company from scratch, to 2011 is the year of more than 100 million. The first year is 40 million, in 2010 rose by three times, to the year of, I believe that this year’s index or to turn a lot of times, the pressure is very large. Especially for marketing pressure is very large.

In this case

in 2011 to do, is to take a lot of things in front of intensive and meticulous farming. We have been talking about network marketing, we think network marketing is just 1/3, with 1/3 in the water, we really do the internal marketing level accounted for 2/3, or even more, this is a place we have been trying to improve, is from inside to outside marketing. We should remember the deeper "let the bullets fly," I will let the bullets fly today, the concept of integration into it.

because many electricity providers should be out from Taobao, Taobao is initiated by the platform, in the day we sold 8 million, and platform for greater profits, need to do is not much, is more in the internal link. In this regard, we believe that the official website marketing is more from the inside out, because the official website on their own efforts. When it comes to a gun, if the customer is regarded as our prey, or as a target, we need a bullet. This bullet, here is a commodity. We veoshoesshoes online outlets mode, how to marketing its own brand? In this case, to the front to show consumers see, see in the online advertising is commodity, when the brand hits with attractive commodity click rate gap is very big. In our opinion, goods are our bullets. Because the price of goods and the depth of the direct impact on our results. With the same advertising to do a commodity, we later changed to the use of Nike’s merchandise, its click rate is more than 3 times the click rate, the gap is more than 3 times. We see advertising is not good, does not mean that the advertising position is not good, it may be more of a relationship with our goods, commodity factors to consider more. Similarly, the depth of this product, the same good

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