How to maximize the value of QQ class site traffic

in the current market competition more and more intense situation, a lot of grassroots webmaster feel more and more difficult to make money, but a lot of industry site, specific community type of site has achieved good returns. For example, many of the current QQ web site has been successful, why do not you? Here to share some of my experience.

current online advertising is still a part of grassroots income indispensable, we now common in advertising is advertising alliance, Google Adsense Baidu, the theme of the ad, if the site has scale effect, you can get some brand advertising. These ads are nothing more than these types of billing: in accordance with the impression of thousands of people cost (CPM) charges, in accordance with the cost per click (CPC) charges, in accordance with the cost of each response (CPR) charges, in accordance with each purchase cost (CPP) charges, etc.. So how to increase advertising revenue, the inside There is much fineness in.

so, advertising how to do it? I think there should be a general principle in the implementation of advertising strategy: give up the traditional forms of advertising advertising, banner ads, button buoy advertising network, the product information into the community life and activities — this is decided by the characteristics of consumers. We know that the main consumers now continue to strengthen awareness, especially members of the community, which is the love and hate tendency and subjectivity, they often have a rebellious, strong sense of advertising information so pure, take "soft advertising" form, with feelings of silence "hotbed" opened their hearts and more can have a multiplier effect. Soft advertising can be a number of creative banner advertising, you can also be some articles or introduction, the information will be transmitted to them in subtle. Of course, have to play specific creative, make their own advertising.

we take QQ site as an example, to analyze how to maximize the value of this kind of site traffic. First of all, we analyze the QQ class site audience groups, QQ site audience groups are generally young, young people love to touch something new.

know that the characteristics of this type of audience groups, we can according to the characteristics of QQ site visitors to develop the corresponding value transformation. For example, agents can QQ some Q coins, can pet line agent authorized QQ toys.

of course, we recommend a kind of game coins Wangzhuan site, currently available on such sites are pceggs, yaoliwu, 3393, this kind of site is the user experience through advertising and advertisers to earn advertising budgets, these ads are generally experience questionnaire, registration, consumer rebates and other types of advertising (and billing and that can be combined). At the same time, they will return some of the advertising profits to the user, to achieve a win-win model. Then the user can speed up the game to earn gold beans through the website game. Finally, you can go to the prizes in the area rich prizes. This mode is very suitable for QQ class

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