Coroner’s list How did they die when they started 406 startups in the last 3 years


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a question, waiting for more possibilities.

this is the first N startups to die this year. Internet financial products e leased by the relevant departments to check the suspension of business. At the same time, in order to prevent false rumors caused panic and disorderly redemption, cash withdrawals, E platform to suspend the transaction to the community to suspend trading platform treasure.

crowd quickly onlookers, and then dispersed.

whether you want to admit it or not, we naturally like to look at the success of the start-up companies, but also keen to consume the news headlines contracted by BAT. But the fact is that the success rate of entrepreneurship is only a fraction of the mortality rate.

New Year approaching, Mr.B12 recalled in 2013 after the establishment and in the past three years die startups, a sigh. Although the failure of the work has defects and regret, but their death note is still worth sharing with entrepreneurs. (this article is an introduction, please continue to focus on segments of B12 launched the "autopsy report")

according to IT orange data show that after the establishment of the company in 2013, the number of deaths (closed state) was 406, of which the number of deaths accounted for the establishment of the company in 2013 was 90.6%. The spread of China’s venture capital enterprises, the failure rate is about 80%, the average life expectancy of less than 3 years, while the failure rate of college students up to more than 95%.

Paul Graham Not To Die in "How" in an article on the death of start-up companies to do the analysis: Generally speaking, deaths, or money, or is the founder of the key to escape, but usually it is happening at the same time.

data have said

Funders and Founders released survey shows that entrepreneurs entrepreneurial success rate of only 12% for the first time, the entrepreneurial success rate of second times of 20%. Entrepreneurial success and wrong two times the 12306 verification code can also buy train tickets, is a small probability event.

U.S. market research firm CB Insights did a Silicon Valley start-up failure investigation and study, summed up the 20 most critical factors, including non market demand, the shortage of funds, the team is not suitable is the main reason for the failure of most companies.

their accident became a "fable"

"happy families are all alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way, entrepreneurship is probably the same reason. Compared with the success stories wrapped in several layers of packaging, the failure of the lessons learned is the most realistic raiders. Entrepreneurship is a difficult trek, if a rainy day, may be able to see more beautiful scenery.

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