Cosmetic electricity supplier showing the trend of investment in the stars

recently, Chinese cosmetics conference just ended, with the value of the return, the new eco remodeling industry "as the theme, aims to examine industrial ecological environment for the survival of the hope, for brands, distributors, retailers how to return to self, to redefine its value, remove the impetuous, reshape the harmonious symbiosis of industrial ecology. During the appearance of renowned artist Peter Ho is one of the highlights, but not to sing, but the identity of the designer to attend, with their " not only cosmetic needs innovation, self growth also needs innovation in the breakthrough " the idea to share with you.

this is also a combination of entertainment stars and the cosmetics industry, cosmetics industry, especially cosmetics electricity supplier industry entertainment, star trend is increasingly evident. Last year, Chen ou and Han Geng appear in the double mode subway has been touted endorsement, personally photographed "for their endorsement of the company advertisement also caused 80 strong resonance, the network launched poly body imitation boom. The next emerging in Hunan TV "happy girl", Tianjin TV’s "you", and also sell adorable "cute Metrosexual Sohu" big headed Zhang Zhaoyang, Mr. Bai Yunfeng and other cross-border entrepreneurs are to join the famous entertainment show "every day". As 80 upstart entrepreneurs turned into a star, and for their own brand endorsement, it can not only save a lot of celebrity advertising, but also cultivate a large number of fans, these fans will naturally become users, up to a user from the fans to the benign circulation process.

star Li Jing Li Lingyu, unwilling to remain out of the limelight to invest in beauty electricity supplier

to "very quiet distance", "super visit" and other columns known as the famous host, producer Li Jing is walking a different CEO trajectory. The stubborn, adventure, full of artistic temperament distinguished female star in the venture capital’s help, the TV program content to support the development and the creation of the, realized the host to perfect entrepreneurial transformation, successfully created a "Li Jing" type of commercial territory.


previously, "sweet song queen Li Lingyu as a shareholder of the new cosmetics platform — rice net share A new force suddenly rises. attention. At the same time, the website style and its fresh and refined, with Li Lingyu Fu poetic sweet song is exactly the same, so that people can not forget for a long time. There have been reports: confident rice network CEO Xu Quan, as new entrants, from the birth of cooperation with many brand depth, to ensure that users buy 100% fundamentally, there are a lot of fashion, beauty and other resources Master trendsetter plus beautiful fashion to share ideas. This has also been favored by the circle of stars, there is still a small number of advantages.

see a lot of comments, one of which is the industry of van Kan teacher viewpoint summary: innovation brand endorsement or pattern, or the most important is the value of your landing! How to let the user >

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