Make strategic reflection of Taobao 2008-2009 most sellers go grave failure

with extreme anger to write this article, I do not know how long this article can exist on the Internet, especially Taobao forum, may not meet with you has been deleted, but my opinion is to express our anger, to let everyone know that we are not sheep, guinea pig we were not a normal policy victim, so if you are a victim, please spare no effort to reprint any place, a person’s strength is limited, but we can also get together, the ant elephant


first, the 08 year evaluation of the door incident, although now has subsided, however, look back at the time, let the seller angry rules:

1, in the assessment of abusive, pornography, abuse, violation of the spirit of harmonious society "speech; comments: there are several buyers would be stupid enough to leave" shitticism, pornography, abuse, violation of the spirit of harmonious society "speech" in the evaluation, as long as not containing these, give you the difference you’ll be on it, no place to cry, Taobao will not be accepted.

2, suspected of malicious evaluation of the same industry; comment: peers to attack you, will be silly to use their own large to buy things and then to the poor, if there is such a person, that is, the head is sick.

3, in the course of the transaction, the evaluation of the use of the evaluation or poor evaluation, to be assessed by the threat, or put forward unreasonable requirements (such as no refund, price, etc.);

comment: if there is a real threat to use the evaluation of buyers, congratulations to you, there is hope that Taobao may be sentenced to win you. I have a bad luck, met this situation, but also enough evidence to chat, Taobao to determine the lack of evidence, poor retention, so, even if it is consistent with this, but also the potential of the staff of Taobao mood and you have no color in Liuhe.

4, where the use of Taobao recommended logistics caused by the poor evaluation (such as less goods, arrival time, etc.).

comment: do not know the cooperation in the logistics company each in Taobao with a single, Taobao will give kickbacks? Recommended logistics, even for small goods buyers for the difference in assessment of Taobao can accept, this is to pave the way for the monopoly, monopoly results all clear, that is not fair we at all, these sellers now is not that so? Online shopping market is basically monopolized by Taobao, a single large, I say


when the buyer does not violate the above rules in the case that your product is good quality, that your services not just to find your crop, even if you re full of evidence, by the poor, can only accept it with tears.

Taobao was the launch of the new evaluation rules, but because of layoffs savings, previously encountered malicious evaluation, the seller will appeal, there are too many ah, certainly need a special department to maintain, not a small expenditure ah, Taobao heartache. Now, they save money, relaxed, the seller’s right to be deprived of such a

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