YAHOO, Google are out of China’s Amazon to become a survivor

broke into the Chinese market of foreign Internet giants seem to have a Damour Damocles sword hanging over his head. How to maintain the corporate culture at the same time, the advantages of its resources to butt the Chinese mainland market, into China for 12 years, Amazon is a practice and has been a result of the case.

served as president of Amazon China, Zhang Wenyi met with the media more and more.

in the domestic electricity supplier companies, Amazon China is relatively low-key. This low-key can be summed up as the founder of Bezos’s personal style: self-confidence, disdain to follow. Its values are built around Bezos’s brain. Industry analysts explained that Amazon is a look at their own company, has always been the pursuit of long-term development, and will not be competitors around.

in 2004 to enter the Chinese market since the acquisition of excellent network has been released to the international brand strategy, in the domestic electricity supplier industry noisy chaotic competition environment, Amazon seems too silent. Firmly keep in idea and strategy of global "own", also do not advertise without dazzling promotions, remove the outstanding elements of global market docking Amazon, integrated into the global system and gradually close to the American amazon.

Amazon has always stressed that he is a technology company, the core competitiveness of technology. The management team participated in early changes for people who share that it is in natural systems and docking, docking services after the outbreak, contribute to the future of the mobile internet.

in the price war and marketing war for the initial stage of China’s electricity supplier industry artillery, Amazon therefore appears to be some alternative, gradually marginalized.

ten years ago, Amazon China’s performance is not satisfactory. According to iResearch data, in 2008, Amazon in the B2C electricity supplier market share of 15.4% in 2015, the market share fell to 2.1%. Compared with Tmall and other market share of more than 20% of the first step in the, China’s enterprises in the electricity supplier in the camp of the camp, the performance is not enough to be included in the financial statements.

Before the

in 2014 first launched the black Friday shopping overseas, executives publicly asked how to increase market share, frequently referred to as "the word: Chinese consumers become mature, such as China electricity market become rational.

observers discuss Amazon will withdraw from the market or is China after re emergence in the plough, seemingly "not worried" Amazon, in 2014 has begun to accelerate: force cross-border electricity supplier, proposed overseas purchase strategy. Taobao successfully created a double eleven of the people to participate in the whole world, Amazon also hopes to introduce foreign black Friday shopping spree to create a unique holiday in the amazon.

Amazon this low-key is gradually changing, with the layout of cross-border strategy, it has found its own unique way in China, it has become more open to cater to a growing number of target audience.

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