Rule of Law Online Police uncover the truth of hacking website


spelling is

text: only from the domain name of the website can make a preliminary inference, this is a hacker and related websites. Police also found that the content of the site seems to be beyond the scope of the discussion just hacking technology.

found it a form of forum in which registered members is also VIP members, VIP members are divided monthly and annual package, as long as you pay, probably 298, became his (VIP) member, you can see him unlimited inside the document.

text: the police began to monitor the site, although they did not know the site of the VIP member is hidden inside what what kind of content, but only from advertising on the home page you can see some clues.

said at the time, called hackers free to teach knowledge, teachers to create a network of hackers such slogans.


caption: Zhejiang Hangzhou

text: several young people in the restaurant having dinner in Hangzhou is a university student.

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