Depth interpretation of the failure of Google+ nsider the lack of vision ignored users

Google+, chief architect

· Vic Gundotra;

lead: U.S. tech blog Mashable published an article on the weekend, Google insiders and analysts interviewed analyzed the reasons for the failure based on Google+, Google this costly social network has come out the history of competing products.

below is the full text of the article:

either do a social network, or face a huge risk. This is the Google Google+ of the mind, but also the social network chief architect · Vic Gundotra (Vic; Gundotra) a concept of repeated.

according to Google employees said, gangduotela has charisma, at the same time "in politics is very smart". He persuaded the Google co-founder Larry page and CEO · (Larry Page) set the power of the whole company to develop Google+.

, a former Google executive said: "gangduotela has been Paige nagging ear: ‘Facebook is killing us, Facebook is going to kill us." I am sure, gangduotela frightened Paige, prompting him to take action to promote the birth of Google+."

was in 2010, and Google has not yet faced a direct threat. Google has a huge lead in the search engine market, and by virtue of the Android system has become an important player in the smartphone industry. In addition, Google also provides a map of the world, cataloging tens of millions of books, and has just begun to develop driverless cars.

, however, Google has not been successful in the social networking market. Google in the field of failure can be counted one by one: Orkut was born earlier than Facebook, but soon be overtaken; Google RSS reader launched in 2005, but was abandoned in 2013; Google Wave and Gmail communication platform based on social network Google Buzz also failed.

in the process of Google defeated, Facebook scale growing, and gained greater power. 2010, Facebook valuation of $14 billion, the number of users close to 500 million. Facebook of the user and provide a real name, birthday, photos and other information network. Market capitalization of $200 billion, Google’s size is far beyond Facebook, but Google can not get these data. To make matters worse, Facebook is constantly digging from Google.

Google+ user experience team member Paul · Adams (Paul Adams) to assist the concept of Google+ is put forward the "circle", he then turned to Facebook>

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