10 years worth up to 500 times! Pay 1 million 240 thousand yuan new domain name

renamed China (eName.cn) April 15th news, according to foreign media news, payment domain youpay.com in the near future to be well-known domain name investors Mike Berkens for $200000, the price of about 1 million 240 thousand yuan successfully sold. The domain name changed in 2005 when the price is only $355. Less than ten years, the domain name value rose more than and 500 times


by the word pay (payment) constitute the domain name youpay.com, suitable for all payment platform. According to the "Chinese whois query system, the domain name is registered in April 7, 2005, in April 13th just updated the domain name information, the current holder is a company called INTER-MARK. The relevant mainstream suffix domain names have been registered.

in less than ten years, youpay.com prices rose from $355 to $200 thousand, net worth rose as high as more than and 500 times, the reason, not unrelated to the rise of the payment platform. In recent years, all kinds of payment platform has been established, with the word "pay" payment domain name has become the terminal’s darling".

this year, China Mobile launched a mobile phone payment and package, its website is enabled payment domain name cmpay.com, and millet company payment technology in traced before had been secretly bought the domain name mipay.com. In the trading market, Repay.com, Pay.co, Opay.com and other payment domain names are also reached the transaction price of $five.

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