Continuous high temperature hot lazy economy difficult about domestic takeaway delay

in order to avoid the occurrence of heat stroke on the road, some companies arrange special courier to rest 1.5 hours at noon

want to buy a bottle of drink too lazy to go out orders from the Internet, do not want to cook and do not want to call directly eating takeout, please do housework direct hourly…… Continuous hot weather, a lot of people’s consumption patterns, fresh website, fast food takeaway, housekeeping services provide lazy service businesses, business is booming. For a time, takeaway delay, home difficult about, courier companies in order to stay employees improve welfare.

Take out

to 1.5 hours delivery difficult to recruit

weekend sustained hot weather, many people do not want to go out, had played a lazy life, a cat at home. "Dog" in the fire to cook, even at home, but also a chore. In contrast, young people are more willing to choose to take away the way to solve the problem of eating.

in the beginning, catering businesses free Internet phone calls and call frequency of significant growth. According to the customer service home delicacy, usually ordering the waiting time is 60 minutes, but BYD reporter query the network discovery, Jinsong area, Yulin Roasted Duck Malaysia beef noodle shop, Hallasan barbecue and many other merchant ordering information, ordering due to more users, the current delivery delay for 95 minutes, Qingnian Road area cheap square, Xibei village, clouds dishes and other restaurants are also show room to 80 minutes.

telephone ordering delivery although business is booming, but also has a wonderful restaurant owner, "recruitment delivery, 1500 yuan basic salary plus commission!" in Zhongguancun, Fangzhuang, Wangjing District, in recent days, many restaurants posted recruitment announcement, recruitment delivery.

the weather is hot, we store the delivery staff simply is not enough, I can only send to customers send takeout." A fast food market near the top electronics store owner said, even on the hot weather to make the store delivery business published online ordering too busy to attend to all, the phone was ringing off the hook, "before noon only sent dozens of copies, up to now nearly 200." Good business brings trouble. "Business volume, less room, but too hot and no one is willing to do!" a restaurant owner said.

home hour work hard to make an appointment

sauna days, sit still feel hot to stop, no one is willing to engage in health, cooking, housework would simply choose to outsource, please part-time become a hot day "lazy" to the new choice.

yesterday evening 6 o’clock, who lives in a small area of the Aunt Wang riding electric car has just returned home, today did three, the last one to get back before dinner." Things neat, a good cook Aunt Wang but a good time, hot weather, the more customers find her to do the housework.

operates a domestic company Li said, the summer hot days, many people are reluctant to do their own housework, call time >

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