The three components of the site planning

today I will introduce the overview of the site planning of three parts, whether planning large portals or e-commerce sites, or even a small website, when the site planning of the three parts are indispensable.

site planning by the following three parts:

Part 1: market analysis

market analysis includes:

1, market demand analysis

2, market positioning

Research on

3 and profit model

second part: technology development part

1, web technology development

2, website UI design

3, website UE user experience

4, core product design

5, website technology (external) test

6, SEO search engine (strategy) optimization

third part: website operation part

1, website profit model innovation

2, website promotion

3, website cooperation

4, website content management

5, product management

6, marketing management

7, customer service management

8, technology development and maintenance management

concluded: because of the time, today I will analyze every detail, just put the overview of Web site planning core part and each link list, if you have time I will put all aspects of site planning, detailed analysis and sharing to everyone. Planning for the site are interested in friends can also add to the above content, or you can also discuss with me online.

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