Hi tell you want fun interactive marketing only one step

so-called interaction, is that the two sides move each other. In interactive marketing. Both sides of the interaction is the consumer, one is the enterprise. Only by grasping the common interests and finding the right time and method of communication can the two sides combine closely.

interactivity is the key to the development of interactive marketing, in the marketing of enterprises, more information should be integrated into the target audience interested in the content. Reply to the message of the fans, the fans feel the mind, but also to arouse the emotional identity of fans. Interactive marketing is mainly through the Internet users reply activities, directly or indirectly to a product produced a positive or negative evaluation.

want to get a lot of interactive effects, should not only take into account the eyeball economy, more important is to locate the precise. Assuming that you are the advertising industry, then focus on some of the information about your product target customers to focus on the release of information, to attract the attention of target customers, and most of the potential consumer groups.

we see a lot of large events, there will always be some sweepstakes, answer questions, forwarding circle of friends, such as the collection of activities, in fact, these are also interactive marketing. And large-scale activities, often a marketing strategy. But interactive marketing is simple, but you really implement, you will find a variety of cumbersome.

first we have to understand some of the basic situation, so as not to enter the error:

1, blindly follow the trend of interactive marketing mode: encountered a phenomenon within the industry, a hero is the case, in order to achieve results, but more or herd mentality at play. As a marketing person often could not escape the herd mentality, marketing, marketing is also.

2, social media resources unreasonable: social media resources are different in length, so formed a good complementary to each other, is a network system, a position separate function is not perfect, intertwined together to fish. In fact, many of the so-called interactive marketing program is actually just a micro-blog or forum marketing program, not really interactive marketing.

3, the pursuit of interactive rather than enhance the overall quality of interactive crowd.

4, light marketing interactive interactive marketing: the must to the investigation and analysis of product, market, consumer insight, consumption psychology, understand the characteristics of consumer interest, analysis and judgment of the target population network stationed, then according to the tone of the brand and product features creative marketing.

good software support, it is the key to interactive marketing site. Find a suitable software platform, configure the site activities, get twice the result with half the effort. So a number of software platform is what you need most!

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