16 billion 800 million can not save music as we are not too harsh Jia Yueting

in January 16th, has long been suspended LETV finally through the 16 billion 800 million financing strategy of Dongfeng shares resume trading, however Gaokaidizou remains is a limit, the capital market with the roller coaster joke let Jia Yueting become a "false step stop", at a cost of 15 billion big investment LETV financial record China is plunged 8% that became a "hit China" at the same time, titanium media founder Zhao Hejuan also questioned the group again, LETV financing does not solve the fundamental problem, said LETV deadly vital, crazy transactions.

In fact,

, as the gate is what I’m not concerned, transactions or ecological cooperation and I don’t want to talk more, I just feel pity and doubt, why entrepreneurs on the part of the media China China so harsh, I agree with the media letter light sentence:

music took 15 billion of the time to write a critical article or no problem. But if not conclusive heinous, media should not be in the business line.

interestingly, despite holding financial data in LETV said behind the false prosperity, but explain the phenomenon of false articles are not cited as the music in all sorts of data, if the X itself is wrong, the equation and meaning? So the conclusions derived and how much credibility.? the logic is wrong, the more data is more cumbersome.

is an enterprise especially the complexity of a group, more than a few numbers and one or two analogy can demonstrate the result of judgment, sometimes an entrepreneur is in arbitrage or in doing things, see people and products rather than look at the figures more efficient.

two years ago when just launched LETV super TV for a year, vice president of a listed company told me that music as the future will be great, I asked why? He said that he can come into contact with the top talent in music, to run. We can not deny that some entrepreneurs have a unique personality charm, they can always want to do big things to attract key personnel, it is clear that Jia Yueting is such a person.

even Jia Yueting is a super big fudge, Liang Jun, Feng Xing, Zhang Zhao, Lei Zhenjian and Ding Lei will not be a fool, to spend a month as the Sun Hongbin is not empty talk than those who do not understand the music critic.

these top talent and investors to attract the charm, not really rely on gorgeous PPT and brainwashing slogan can do.


products, in the TV drama rampant piracy in 2008, was the first to buy a lot of genuine copyright content of the video site, is not well-known LETV; in the traditional TV industry sunset in 2013, the first attempt to re activate the smart TV and TV industry manufacturers, there is no experience of music as TV; in many domestic enterprises announced do electric vehicles but no concrete progress in 2015, the first to build the top automotive talent team in 2017 and CES live show no >

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