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  Beijing on October 9th news, according to foreign media reports, online video advertising and analysis service provider TubeMogul announced on Friday that the company $10 million in the second round of financing, bringing the company’s total financing reached $15 million.

TubeMogul said that the second round of financing initiated by Foundation Capital, the investor also includes the Bridge Ventures and Knights Capital Partners (Trinity) previously involved in the financing. Trinity Ventures partner Azia · Chopra (Ajay Chopra) said in a statement: "since its inception, TubeMogul revenue growth at an annual rate of 300%, and the company’s capital utilization efficiency is very high."

2006, Bret · Wilson (Brett Wilson) and John · Hughes (John Hughes) MBA courses at the University of California at Berkeley founded TubeMogul, the total number of customers has more than 150 thousand people. TubeMogul is an online video advertising and analytics platform that allows video publishers to simultaneously publish and track online video on different sites. TubeMogul’s product OneLoad allows video publishers to post a video once they are released to all major video and social networking sites.

TubeMogul analysis services can provide information on the number of video browsing, video viewer, video viewer location, video viewing time and so on, so it is increasingly favored by video publishers. In 2008, TubeMogul acquired Flash based video analytics service provider Illuminex, further enhancing the video analytics service. Illuminex services can track the video viewing level, where the video playback to where the user exits, which part of the video is most popular, the overall time of video viewing, video viewer behavior and other information.


TubeMogul service has attracted a large number of well-known clients, including the largest American movie channel HBO, "New York Times", the U.S. Cbs Broadcasting Inc (CBS), security software maker Symantec, satirical news agency The Onion, the environmental group Greenpeace, an American think-tank CATO Institute, Warner Music, NASA, even including the US military and the government.

TubeMogul’s last round of financing took place in April 2009, when the company received $3 million in investment, including Tri>

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