Excuse King figure intermediary too trouble is a liar trick

cheated experience

I in March 27th in the forum to see him do a template, then want to find him a united, he will begin to ask him under said no problem

div+css has played very well. I’m not sure there is no problem for 500


I would say that the king said he had to deal with the king of the intermediary fees too much trouble I do not think the money is not much money to find the king directly into the deposit 251 into his account

begin 2 days sketch and 4 days after delivery.2 days did not call, he said temporarily to the field. To come back in 2 days. I think this can understand. So I waited for 2 days. He has not contacted me. I call him on the phone, he said to me that day template night. Results. Wait until 11 pm. No phone off a dozen. In April 2nd QQ. He gave me a message saying do not. The reason is the template template encryption (in others he said during my own encryption, modify out one. He actually said that others can encrypt the.Div+css template encryption)


this afternoon, the phone did not answer the phone in the evening to call a woman to pick up and said he would not come back later to give me a message 10 minutes after the shutdown

QQ took me to black for a QQ plus you and you chat said to find you do the template you said I lied to the same words

. Tomorrow is the last day if there is no message I will send you all the information posted here include your phone QQ ID Alipay


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