Site navigation across 2 times witmap ice water

earlier this year, Google acquisition navigation site, and earlier, Baidu’s acquisition of hao123’s home. With the search engine vertical search development and the promotion of SEO optimization, but also makes the majority of Internet users to further the application of personalized Internet and the direction of the public.

The arrival of the era of

Web2.0, the emergence of RSS and the extensive application of dynamic pages, does bring great convenience and satisfaction. One of the most popular features in Web 2 is the rise of blogs. Blog is a personal diary form ", but as Rich Sgruta (Rich Skrenta) pointed out, the blog chronological structure" looks like a change not worth mentioning, but it drives a totally different distribution, advertising and value chain."

if a nature of Web 2 is the use of the collective wisdom, turning the web into a kind of global brain, then chatter without stop blogosphere is in forebrain nonsense, that our whole mind can hear the voice of. This may not reflect the deep unconscious structure of the brain, but it is the equivalent of a conscious thought. As a reflection of conscious thinking and attention, the blogosphere has begun to have a strong impact. Obviously, what things as long as a "guest" of the first train, what circle also will continue to grow and develop.

Of course, in addition to

, blog, podcasts, and other network daring vanguard flash, Witkey "guest" Zibei family grow up quickly. In "the guest" s today, with the continuous development of broadband Internet, popular, personalized, mobile, with the characteristics of Web2.0 service has been more and more into the field of Internet users, network function is infinite refinement, Web1.0 built on the basis of the traditional network navigation station does not adapt to the new network environment. Web navigation market more and more narrow, the navigation area faces the transformation. Network in the vertical operation of search engines at the same time, more and more network professional functions and the importance of the role of differentiation. For example, the blogosphere, Internet map, flash material and so on, all of these is in the background of network navigation under the rapid upgrading of the birth and growth of the.

The strategic highland

map is built in Witkey Witkey with Raiders of the advantages. There witmap makes for a blue ocean Witkey the overall view is more clear and bright, in the late autumn season this year. The father of Liu Feng Witkey is keen to capture the importance of Witkey map. After with the term of Witkey is more and more Internet users to understand and recognize and accept the strategic front, Witkey is not to stay publishing tasks and undertake the task so the original model, it can absorb the B2C marketing concept, can also learn the Alibaba B2B thinking framework, the concept of re positioning structure in Witkey a low platform, low threshold, large market, large capacity, new channels of interchange.

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