Micro-blog can expand the application of web traffic

website optimization, not only need to practice, and need to focus on the optimization of the way. In another way, it is an idea of optimization. Application of a simple way to effectively enhance the site traffic, can be regarded as a shortcut. But the shortcut to the road, it is necessary to explore a certain cognitive. Rather than just an idea, can achieve the desired effect. The emergence of micro-blog, so that people see a new way to optimize. Whether to be able to apply a good micro-blog, to further enhance the site traffic, micro-blog effect is significantly visible. Such as the star of micro-blog fans, are millions of. Publicize something that can be understood in the short term. If it meets its needs, there will be further understanding. Visible, the application of micro-blog to enhance the site traffic, is a viable approach. The application of micro-blog, starting from its bright spot, will be able to produce the effectiveness of the site.

, micro-blog’s fans, is the foundation and is an effective protection. As if to buy products, need to have the audience. Want to improve the site traffic, you need to find the site’s sales target. Such as shoes, the audience is larger. In this way, you need to use the company’s bright spots, to find the corresponding micro-blog body. Micro-blog fans reached a certain standard, you need to show the next link;

two, micro-blog propaganda, is an effective bridge. Micro-blog fans just completed, can not be timely publicity products. In that case, the product publicity is too strong, fans will think it is pure advertising. As a result, a large number of fans out. Thus, leading to the work of the previous link in vain. This stage requires an interactive link, a clever understanding of the needs of fans. Then, the corresponding product introduction. In this way, they will be able to accept. As time goes by, the number of fans will be more;

three, pull fans into the site, to take the initiative to understand the product. This is the most critical part, is a turning point. If you can effectively achieve the short-term, the flow of the site to enhance. Thus, the conversion rate of the site will be a breakthrough to enhance. The emergence of new products, is bound to cause concern. If the fans formed a certain interaction between, to understand the product. Such a huge amount of data is required for all sites;

optimization of the road, is boring. If there is no significant breakthrough, blindly follow the original ideas. I am afraid that the effect will be a certain degree of comfort. At this stage of the analysis, to make a reasonable optimization program. This point is all optimization personnel should learn to consider, there is a diplomatic breakthrough. Try different ways to improve the site optimization effect, prompting traffic improvement. This article comes from: http://s.shop.xinhuacang.com

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