He can rely on WeChat to open their own company as a boss

recently, a news article is reproduced more, the topic is roughly such "60 billion derivative market in Waterloo is mainly about" retreat, the content is the derivative industry, WeChat business circle of friends has become more and more difficult, micro brands have been closed down, the team agent loss, run away a serious decline in performance, market reaction. Even think of the performance of such a micro channel business giants have declined by 30%, visible, the surge in micro business industry.

in fact, such a situation is not accidental. First of all, the traditional micro dealers generally take the agency distribution model, the price is almost no competitive advantage, the re purchase rate is low. Secondly, since this year the mainstream media to some credit derivative hype Development Agency for manufacturing products, the practice of selling false exposure, product quality and marketing plus emerge in an endless stream questioned, so that consumers lack confidence in the micro business model.

so it’s not easy for a micro dealer to get a bad reputation and a good reputation. What’s more, there are still so many new people to join the micro Everfount business, want to make money from the micro business reputation, is even more difficult.

for the report, from March last year, WeChat began to do, would have seen through the proxy mode will not last long, maybe just a passer-by. Now it seems, indeed.

today, I said that this year to do business on WeChat experience is how to start from 0, do a little income, and ultimately to the establishment of the company, the brand, large-scale operation.

I have been convinced that such a sentence: how much can do big things.

if the original, I also to the lure of the way to move N agent, allowing them to hoard N goods, perhaps, I am now a monthly income of millions or even tens of millions of micro big coffee. Because, at that time, I have more than 2000 of WeChat’s personal friends, in addition to the public number of fans more than 3000, so, if in accordance with the market micro business practices through my writing style, inviting dozens of agents, selling some walnuts out, what should be no big problem. However, Mao, I’m just a pure farmer’s children, don’t let me hear and see those impetuous things.

so, from the beginning, I will stick to my principles, do an honest businessman, not a businessman old, crafty person. With their ability to do what they can do, the primary goal is to protect life, and secondly, is to make money.

since the target is, then it should start.

Where does


maybe you don’t know me, in fact, before I do have in the micro electricity supplier, electricity supplier Taobao fought for more than a year, selling clothes, selling pants, selling bags, basically failed, but let me make money, or have the unique nature of the Ling’an walnut. Investigate its reason, on the one hand, nuts are snacks category FMCG, repeat the purchase of more people, on the other hand, I

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