On the experience of the local forum to promote the line elements

is becoming more and more to the Internet differentiation direction, so as one of the local forum also belong to the segments of the industry, so when you choose a local forum, must be taken into account as a local forum offline promotion should be how to do to maximize the popularity of the forum and contacts, only when the line is done, you can have their own one-third of an acre of land in this area, and to allow more users to participate, to continue, so active on local forum line officials push what elements


first of all, the forum should be carried out under the line for the management of personnel training and maintenance

a friend said, but also what network maintenance, is not to your site visitors? But you are wrong, people must maintain, here, we mention the course of their own website, the website forum also experienced revenue, but because of various reasons so as to close the site determined to do a home site, at a forum that has accumulated some contacts (both his hometown), so, invite them into my forum moderators, construction and maintenance of the whole and part of the site, you have to think about it, if not a forum no maintenance, no administrator, moderator, so this forum not to fly? So this BBS survive? So, is very important for staff training.

online, for they communicate our management point of view, such as what ad can be deleted, what the situation is a look at the water, should strictly guard, where are the accumulation of website popularity, these are the need to communicate, and the moderator between meals, develop some feelings, to do so, you can the forum is filled with a harmonious atmosphere, after all, a team, sometimes requires an open-minded person to manage, to lead more people to create more value.

secondly, under the forum need to participate in the local public service activities and

public welfare activities, believe that when a group of people holding banners, the past go forward with great strength and vigour in front of your home, you must know what happened, so, with the name of the forum to participate in charitable activities is an excellent way of publicity, to put on a T-shirt, wearing a special hat, can go to plant trees in arbor day, can organize clean-up, these are all good things, sometimes a small thing to do, can let you know the cause is magnified propaganda many times. So naturally also need to build a public domain on the site, so that more people, so that more activities are understood.


as shown above, here are the public activities of the organization, the organization of public service activities to let more people involved, then understood, when a group of enthusiasts to a condolences to the nursing home, and this is the most exciting thing ah, when the site of all organizations to participate in the donation of clothes. Think of what.

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