A5 investment and financing briefing flash, micro language, music, etc. have been shaking million yu

1 Beijing

Environmental Management Co. Ltd. Hengtong Guosheng

investors: Nanjing iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

investment amount: 30 billion

domestic sewer dredging robotic company Beijing Hengtong Co., Guosheng environmental management announced the completion of 30 billion A round of financing, the investor is Fosun Group listed holding company, Nanjing iron and Steel Co. Ltd, will enjoy 30 million B round of investment priority right.


2 Flash

Investment: nano Asian venture capital funds, hold one capital lead investor, capital with the cast of


investment amount: $50 million

February 6th, City Express "flash" announced the completion of $50 million C round of financing, has become the first domestic large after the Spring Festival to complete the financing of the company, the current round of financing by the SIG (Heiner Asian venture capital fund) and holds a capital lead investor, such as MIPS capital with the cast, this round of financing source capital served as financial advisor.


3 micro language


investment amount: 50 million yuan

February 6th news, online foreign language teaching service platform micro language announced the acquisition of 50 million yuan A round of financing, funds have all been in place, investors did not disclose.


4 embellish Ya information

Investment: Pan Lin capital

investment amount:

news February 5th, the day before, the automotive retail industry solutions provider runya information announced the completion of the Pre-A round of financing, the investor is Pan Lin capital, not to disclose the amount of financing.


5 love maintenance

investors: love recycling

investment amount: one million yuan

electronic maintenance platform love maintenance announced the acquisition of millions of dollars Angel round of investment, the investment side of the electronic product recovery platform for recycling.


6 Music shake

Investment: GF sind

investment amount: 38 million yuan

news February 6th, the public line under the platform for the promotion of music shake today revealed that in January 2017 the company has completed 38 million yuan A+ round of financing, led Party voted for the Guangdong faith.


7 Taipei Medical Beauty

investors: Jun alliance capital, asset management and investment is positive odd

investment amount: RMB

Shi beauty medical announced the successful completion of.

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