Taobao, a buyer information was leaked lost 50 thousand yuan

[Abstract] earlier, the buyer had received a call from strangers said orders frozen situation.


Times News (reporter Zhang Sijia) Shunyi District Ms. Qin online shopping, because the owner said the account was frozen for buyers with a refund, she will enter the bank card number and password "owner" offer ", then in the account of 5 yuan was taken. It questioned Taobao or store customer service to disclose its shopping information, fake shop owner is how to know what I bought and how to get my contact information?

"I didn’t think of, is your own shopping information was leaked, Ms. Qin said a few days ago, she from a Taobao shop to buy a balloon and an inflator, a total cost of 81 yuan. The day before yesterday morning, she received a phone call, the person claiming to be the owner of the store, said the account funds due to the store was frozen, the buyer will be required in order to return the payment. Subsequently, in accordance with the requirements of the owner of a series of operations, had entered a bank card account and password in a web page.

yesterday morning, Ms. Qin realized that he might be deceived, after checking their bank account, found more than 50 thousand yuan has been zoned away, leaving only more than 70 yuan. Subsequently, Ms. Qin reported to the local police station. Ms. Qin reported police said, the case can be characterized as fraud, similar to frequent cases of Internet fraud, possibility to recover the money is not too large.

yesterday, the reporter linked to the store customer service, customer service, said the day before yesterday, there are two buyers to reflect, received a phone call to say that the freezing of orders, but are reminded buyers do not believe their remarks.

reporter and Ms. Qin with the event reflected to the Taobao customer service, customer service will be the seller information to reflect to the relevant departments for investigation, and suggested that Ms. Qin alarm, said it would cooperate with the police investigation work.

police have been involved in investigating the matter.

online shopping reminder

customer service will not be notified by telephone refund should be based on the state of the page order

yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted Taobao customer service. Customer service said the online shopping information disclosure buyers basically through the following channels: the seller delivery system, storage system, system or individual buyers have left their website click on unfamiliar information to get criminals, want to check out which link leak is difficult.

customer service said that after receiving the relevant reports, Taobao will be the first seller of the system for investigation, but can not investigate the courier and other systems, Taobao will cooperate with the police to help the case investigation and evidence collection.

customer service to remind consumers, found himself deceived, first of all to alarm; Taobao orders will not appear in the single card, customer service staff will not telephone to inform consumers of the refund, orders are to display on the page order status shall prevail.