After the sale of custom fresh electricity supplier faces legal bottlenecks

Beijing News reporter Wang Yuanzheng photo

fresh electricity supplier favored and sought after by the capital. According to Nelson Chinese data, in 2014 China’s fresh e-commerce market size of 22 billion 500 million yuan, the next three years, the market will reach a peak of $150 billion. But compared to the hundreds of billions of fresh electricity supplier Pang huge, there are still many gaps in the legal policy areas.

Beijing News reporter survey, all kinds of various fresh electricity supplier platform standard, only 20% platform can do 48 hours without reason to return, more platform still performs after receipt of the provisions shall not be returned. Fresh goods are also excluded from the 7 days no reason to return outside. In the actual operation, industry and commerce, quality inspection, food and Drug Administration and other departments of mutual supervision, the existence of each pipe section embarrassing situation.

after-sales service standards are not uniform, no legal requirements, cross regulatory system, these three issues for the fresh electricity supplier industry has to face the common problem.


, Chinese Food Safety Electronic Commerce Research Institute of Beijing Technology and Business University Business Economic Research Institute, Hong Tao believes that the electricity supplier should strengthen top-level design of agricultural products with fresh electricity as the representative of the "legal norms and jointly promote the introduction of" electronic commerce law ", to realize the agricultural products fresh electricity supplier network supervision. Each department should be coordinated to avoid cross regulatory gaps in each department acting on its own."

aftermarket requirements:

no unified standard only 20% platform to push for no reason to return

after-sales service is the most special part of the fresh electronic business platform. Due to the limitation of freshness, such as perishable commodity characteristics, various fresh electricity supplier for return, customer service service all kinds of rules, the whole industry is still a lack of unified reference standard.

news reporter recently from the orchard every day, I bought the food network, SF preferred, Tootoo and other 10 major fresh electricity supplier, to sort out its customer service service system, currently only, fresh fruit orchard every day launched two within 48 hours of no reason to return, Tmall supermarket, delicious 77, was living 48 hours because of commodity quality problems return provisions 3 appliance business, and Tootoo commune, 1 fresh, I bought the food network, food housekeeper, SF preferred 5 appliance manufacturers are defined, fresh commodities required on the spot inspection, upon receipt of no return. This shows that the fresh industry of the three customer service service system, most of the platform is still no longer after the acceptance of the provisions of returns, only a platform to achieve returns within 48 hours.

The reason of fresh products subject to the retention time of

, do not reverse the cold chain logistics, so the return almost impossible. Now fresh after-sales service, more is the implementation of a compensation mechanism." A well-known electricity supplier fresh supply chain official told the Beijing News reporter, for small-scale, fragmented fresh retail platform, the quality of the process is difficult to ensure the return, the return of a single is to pay a single. Therefore, each has its own set of rules, the lack of uniform standards." < >