The first reading nternet Business Entrepreneurship grassroots ten taboos

With the continuous development of the Internet,

now has ten years ago, there are so many opportunities. Monopoly is an indisputable fact that it is difficult to play without resources. From the grassroots perspective, no sufficient funds could not go, do long-term investment to raise users no longer profitable business model is not reliable, steady cash flow to continue, advertising restrictions will lead not to flow, can only rely on manual labor to do the promotion to earn money. Two no connections to find an angel to save themselves, with workers hard-earned money to engage in part-time business also have to beware of. Three no entrepreneurial experience like Mangfu as hastily as blind as a beetle, head broken and bleeding. Four do not learn this technology to learn that, in the end wasted time nothing. Grassroots lack of experience in the Internet industry is the bane to the essence, not everyone is suitable for business, not everyone understand business, but not everyone is able to successfully Internet business.

Internet business is not easy, it does not mean that there is no chance. Rational real Horst starting base for industry, first, entrepreneurship in the post, see the previous fall into the pit to go around, rather than jump. See more business bible and fairy tales are not as good as their own fall a somersault as entrepreneurs need to adhere to give up but The imprint is engraved on my heart., does not mean you failed completely. As Liu Huan said, if the heart, in the dream, since the choice of entrepreneurship is not easy to change your life label. Look at the success of the heroic life, failure is only congtouzailai. Ten taboo is speak generally,  collateral damage  who may wish to learn a lesson.

A: worship of myth, overnight rich. Blabbering wearing pajamas make Wangzhuan into the hundreds, motionless Ma said or electronic commerce, or no business can. Since the success of dignity, but also serve on the altar is an ordinary man. Since success can not be copied, then why do you believe that the same chance to sell lottery luck will come to himself. Fantasy did not mind earning large quantities of gold each day impetuous, anxious. When a celebrity books advocating "my success can be replicated", but now what others. The Internet is not a myth, you are not a genius. One percent success depends on luck, and on the ground by the tireless efforts of the ninety-nine percent.

two: blind self-confidence, heel off the ground. Each business has a strong belief in their own choice, believe that they believe that the partners, the project is full of confidence. The problem is that the market is not going to come out, the profit is not from your mouth to say. Other people think of you, you did not expect other people still think of. Take a look at your customers, look at your competitors, and then look back on their own, many times did not choose the right direction, no matter how hard is wasted effort. Entrepreneurship is a really real gun knife war, avoid empty talk.

three: the resignation of entrepreneurship, have the order reversed. Is always interested in amateur amateur, or pass the time or in your project operating income failed to offset the wage before the resignation of entrepreneurship is a kind of have the order reversed. When the interest can not be eaten, part-time just earn earn pocket money. Make sure that the project has no prospects for development, how much profit after their own space, and then think about how