Ali’s mother on the Google Baidu alliance will also inspire improvement

we all know, to do Baidu promotion, you need to stand has a very high ranking, a lot of stations, even if tens of thousands of IP per day, can not do Baidu promotion. Google AdSense? Do not need high ranking, as long as you have the traffic, you can apply for, and even can use blog application, relaxed restrictions. Recently, Ali mother came on hard, people have mentioned, your station is only 10 IP, Ali mother will call you put ads that Ali mother does not limit the user whether the size of the station, the station like Baidu limited, even more than Google AdSense to do a more detailed.

face Ali’s mother’s attack, Google AdSense and Baidu will also have an action to open the embrace of the novice


landing Google AdSense today, see the message is that more than before a navigation bar.


more resources, not this resource yesterday.

into a look, if there is a great use, for Google AdSense veteran, these features we all know.

but these features are particularly useful for beginners.

such as:

1, AdSense support forum, novice just do not know where you can exchange, where you can exchange, and even get the official reply.


optimization techniques, everyone wants to own higher incomes, in IP under the condition of constant can be optimized, AdSense provides some cases here, although not the best, but this was not due to excessive optimization optimization of at least K.

of course, there are a lot of tips, are in order to facilitate everyone to raise revenue, understand the terms of the AdSense policy.

Baidu has not yet made any changes, but it can be predicted that in the face of a frenzied attack competitors, Baidu will certainly change strategy.

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