Flow dividend declining Tmall New Deal forced electricity supplier new model

introduction: with the flow of dividends is declining, the platform in product quality management policy question sound increasingly stringent, businesses need to find new business models, such as around the consumer trust reconstruction consumer relations, terminal sales and supply chain.


although the adjustment of the investment policy to implement the invitation system, but did not invite the business, if the conditions can also apply." In March 12th, Tmall PR stakeholders in an twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, "there is a misreading of the invitation now that this policy is completely blocked in the channel are not invited businessmen."

recently, Tmall released 2015 investment policy, the new deal from the beginning of March 9th. Compared with previous years, the biggest change in the policy adjustment is that Tmall will open its own investment model, that is, the invitation system, while the first batch of 13 categories announced the list of the top 5391 brands. Therefore, voices of doubt on the list outside the brand will enter the Tmall platform to rampant.

addition, before March 9th, Tmall has stationed in the business must also be in accordance with the requirements of the new deal, to supplement the relevant qualification certification. Guangzhou a sales Leather Tmall business responsible person said, after every new product, must submit the details of the bar code, label and other materials, it has not been too strict in the past. After this adjustment, the degree of strict degree of business requirements increased significantly.

according to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, the introduction of the new deal with Tmall or Tmall positioning, executive changes and Ali fake crisis, platform development and many other factors. In the long run, the introduction of Tmall’s new deal will also business, electricity providers and other third party service providers have an impact on the platform.

merchant number downsizing

Ali’s electronic business platform has a clear positioning: universal Taobao, Tmall and Juhuasuan. Tmall positioned to provide quality goods, compared to Taobao, Tmall focus on boutique. But why choose this time to launch such a severe new deal?

at the beginning of this year, SAIC announced the first half of the 2014 online shopping commodity inspection results, Taobao one of the fake rate as high as 62.75%, which triggered the biggest round of Ali after the listing of "fake crisis". Although the sample is concentrated in Taobao, but for the outside world, to the quality of positioning Tmall also inevitably affected. Alibaba, an insider told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report, the crisis is the most direct Tmall to improve the investment threshold and the background.

at the same time, in March 8th, Alibaba announced a personnel appointment, replacing Wang Yulei, President of Tmall. At the same time, its electricity supplier platform (Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan) for unified management, Zhang Jianfeng is responsible for the report directly to COO Zhang Yong. It is understood that Zhang Jianfeng’s management style is very similar to the Zhang Yong. In 2011, after Zhang Yong took office as president of Tmall, he also mentioned

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