Kang Sheng Dai Zhikang one person to play the era of the end of the world is over


on the right side for the Kangsheng company president Dai Zhikang (micro-blog) (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) April 7th news, Kang Sheng, President of the company today,, said in an interview with Tencent technology, with the development of the times, a person playing the world has been declared the end of the era. Adsense group began to more professional.

Dai Zhikang said that over the past 5 years, the title of the title of the object has changed, before the station is usually a sense of personal webmaster, is a person facing a computer, do a station operation. Now to the development of the Internet, found that individual combat in most areas is no longer a model of sustainable development. Team oriented, commercial operation has become inevitable.

Kang Sheng century CEO

video source: Tencent category: Tencent for video station groups concerned for many years, Dai Zhikang called for this change somewhat inexplicably lost, because may no longer be the person hit a day time. Individual stationmaster started chipping away the original accumulation of users, the original capital, always in the most grass-roots cooperation stage, this is not suitable for the development of today’s society.

face a lot of opportunities and temptations, the webmaster to make a choice, we must catch the most suitable for their own segments, in these areas, there will always be a lot of not being met the needs and opportunities." Dai Zhikang said, for the webmaster, must be on the segments of plough today as a platform, is no longer a traditional small business opportunity.

The following is an interview with Dai Zhikang, President of

company record:

Tencent science and technology: members of Tencent users Hello, today we are very pleased to interview Mr. Dai Zhikang, President of Kang Sheng company.

Dai Zhikang: Ladies and gentlemen of Tencent.

Tencent science and technology: we know that webmasters use a lot of users, this is also the seventh session of the general assembly, your new initiatives in the face of the new


Dai Zhikang: in fact, every year at the opening of the annual meeting of the board are very nervous, why because every year there are new things out, feedback to the majority of users. This year, in fact, we also product development team also made a lot of effort to do a lot of work, very difficult things, we Discuz! X code integrity and upgrade. We see more on the Internet, often look at a product revision. This revision is different from any revision of history, this time we almost completely rewrite all the code.

why, in fact, we found that the user needs are divided into two parts, part of the majority of the use of the needs of the 70% users, there is a part of the needs of the subdivision, is the needs of the user needs of 30%. The number of these needs, take a look at the ratio of 1 to the relationship between the ratio of more than 9, the user needs of 10% of the total demand for all of the 10%.

30% users need to be subdivided

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