Ma Huateng talk about nternet products the seven dimensions of gray law


Tencent Inc board chairman and CEO Ma Huateng

    Sina Francisco July 9th morning news, chairman of the board of directors of Tencent Ma Huateng today issued an open letter to partners, explaining the Internet product innovation from the seven dimensions of demand, speed, flexibility etc..

"in the process of product development and operation of Tencent, there is a word has been repeatedly mentioned, that is" gray". Ren Zhengfei once wrote "management of gray", he advocated the gray, mainly on the internal management of compromise and tolerance." Ma Huateng said, how to find the most appropriate gray, can maintain the normal operation of enterprises, and make innovation of a flexible environment; let not stifle innovation, but not into a blind alley, is the most Internet companies need to think deeply about the problem.

Ma Huateng’s observation and thinking from the perspective of ecology, the 14 years of the Tencent internal transformation and experience summary for the creation of biological tissue "gray rule". This rule includes the demand degree, speed, flexibility, redundancy, open collaboration, innovation and evolution of 7 dimensions.

below is a detailed explanation of the seven dimension in the open letter:

demand: user needs is the core of the product, the degree of product to reflect the degree of demand, is the degree of ecological needs of enterprises

You may think that

users a bit but I’m in a commonplace talk of an old scholar, on different occasions have repeatedly stressed this point, because the most simple things is the most difficult thing to do.

An error of

product development in the most easy to make is: developers tend to own their created products like a child to cherish and care, think this is his brainchild. A good product is a soul, beautiful design, technology, operations can reflect the idea behind. Sometimes developers design products feel more powerful and better, but in fact do not need the so-called good product design particularly bad or what, because feel particularly bad people will deliberately engage in some reflect their own powerful, but users do not need something that is at the end of red herring.

Tencent has been in this detour. Now very popular QQ mailbox, before the market does not recognize, because it is very cumbersome for users. Later, we had it melted down, from research to the user’s habits and needs, what kind of function is what they need most? In the course of the study, the Tencent formed a "10/100/1000 rule": the product manager must make a monthly survey of 10 users, about 100 users blog. Collect feedback 1000 user experience. This method looks stupid, but it works.

I would like to emphasize that there is no shortcut in the study of user needs to go, do not think they can take it for granted that the user habits. For example, some of the self positioning in the low-end

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