Online shopping regret right will be implemented electric emergency changes return policy

The new version of the "consumer protection law revision of

10 period in 2013 of the Twelfth National People’s Congress" (hereinafter referred to as the new consumer law) will be formally implemented in March 15th, which for the first time on online shopping regret right has been further standardized, which makes business enterprise and consumer is looking forward to the new policy on 2014.

All kinds of

return policy

due to lack of online shopping entities under the line experience, which brings some problems for consumers shopping, and the goods are obtained after, how to return rights has been one of the most concerned about the topic of consumers. In the existing electricity supplier after sales policy, regardless of the size of the electricity supplier site requirements are not uniform, a variety of provisions so that consumers are struggling to cope with, can only passively listen to business arrangements. In the requirements of the new consumer law, consumers are entitled to receive the goods within 7 days no reason to return, but the consumer made, fresh perishable goods, digital delivery of newspapers and periodicals, and according to the nature of the goods except the product should not be returned, it was known as the "online shopping regret right".

Ms. Wang

once in the United States online to buy a washing machine to the Beijing Daily reporter to reflect, Gome online according to the washing machine on the site is not returned within "on the grounds, refused to return her application. Beijing Daily reporter inquiries Gome online return provisions found that 20 types of goods including mobile phone, camera, household appliances, food, cosmetics and luxury goods, can not be no reason to return. In fact, it has also become a microcosm of the majority of the electricity supplier return provisions.

Modify the

emergency return policy

2014 is coming, many commercial enterprises began to modify the new consumer law tension return policy.

Beijing Daily reporter survey of 10 major electricity supplier website found that most of the electricity supplier are current return policy differ with the new consumer law: Shop No. 1 "provisions of the same user a single purchase of more than 2 pieces of the same goods, no longer enjoy no reason to return"; "the brewmaster network return of goods to ensure its a complete package, no pollution"; some electricity supplier provides all power belongs to the category of special goods, upon receipt of non quality problems will not return".

the company told the Beijing Business Daily reporter interviewed 80% of them said they would make adjustments to the return policy in accordance with the relevant provisions of the new consumer law. Analysts said the new consumer law for other commodities according to the nature of the product should not be returned is not a clear-cut rules, which leads to the interpretation of the new consumer law is not the same, how to safeguard the interests of the operators in the protection of the interests of consumers at the same time, has become one of the difficulties of implementation of the new consumer law.

hope that the new law to protect the interests of both sides

brewmaster network responsible person told the Beijing Daily reporter, alcoholic commodities also in "regret right" category, but if goods are returned after the malicious substitution phenomenon, will have a bad effect on the enterprise. also told the Beijing Daily reporter said, the introduction of "opened 30 days return policy, indeed there have been some.

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