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Internet banking has become a hot topic nowadays, the first Alibaba, Tencent and other involved in the Internet insurance business, and then launched the balance of treasure Ali, everyone credit, pat credit and other online P2P business. Recently, Baidu has also entered the financial, test the water Internet banking business. Internet banking is what kind of charm, making many companies have resorted to exhaust all the skills rooted in Internet Financial? What is Internet banking? Speed transit Institute analyst team investigation network related data, we interpret the development situation of domestic Internet financial business.

Baidu encyclopedia solution: Internet banking is a new field of traditional financial industry and the spirit of the Internet combined. From a broad sense, all with the spirit of the Internet Financial format collectively referred to as Internet banking. From the narrow sense of the financial point of view, it should be defined in terms of the flow of credit related to the level of money, which is the way to rely on the Internet to achieve financing.

at present, the domestic Internet banking business includes third party payment, P2P microfinance, public financing, new electronic money and other financial services platform network.

third party payment is a number of products and countries in the country as well as foreign banks signed, and has a certain strength and credibility of the protection of the third party independent trading platform to provide support. In the third party payment platform transaction, the buyer to purchase goods, the use of third party payment platform to provide accounts, notify the seller by the third party payment arrive for delivery; the buyer inspection items, you can notify the payment to the seller, the third party payment will be transferred to the seller.

P2P microfinance is a direct credit model for individuals who are closely linked to the Internet, microfinance, etc..

raise public financing, is to raise funds through social networking Internet financial model. Raise the public, that is, we focus on the capital, capacity and channels for small businesses, artists or individuals to carry out an activity to provide the necessary financial assistance.

new electronic currency is now prevalent in the network, such as bitcoin. Bitcoin is a kind of non central issuer, based on network computing, open source anonymous new electronic currency. Different from the early form of electronic money (such as virtual currency, pre-sale electronic cards).

third party payment into the Internet financial support, accounting for 76.3%


(speed transit Institute mapping)

fast transit Research Institute at home and abroad Internet financial market data related to the table. As can be seen from the picture, in the entire Internet financial market, the third party account for the vast majority of the share, accounting for up to 76.3%. Generally, the more developed countries, the higher the degree of attention to financial products, online shopping and other online payment ratio is higher, the higher the amount of third party payment transactions. P2P microfinance ranked second, accounting for the proportion of 11.2%. Congregation raised pattern ranked third, accounting for 9.8%. New >

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