SAC network transaction management approach since March 15th implementation

Beijing, February 13, today, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced that the "measures" network transaction management of People’s Republic of China State Administration for Industry and Commerce will be considered by the Council, are hereby promulgated and shall come into force as of March 15, 2014. The "measures" pointed out that the Internet transaction, through blogs, social networking and other micro-blog carrier to provide advertising and promotion services, review of commodities or services and therefore make compensation, shall truthfully disclose the nature, to avoid misleading consumers.

"network transaction management approach" reads as follows:

1: General

is the first to regulate the network commodity trading and related services, protect the legitimate interests of consumers and operators, the network to promote the sustained and healthy economic development, according to "consumer protection law", "product quality law", "Anti Unfair Competition Law", "contract law", "trademark law", "advertisement law", the "tort liability law" and the "electronic signature law" and other laws and regulations, the enactment of this approach.


article second shall be subject to the provisions of the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and the present Measures for engaging in the exchange of goods and services in the territory of the People’s Republic of China.

third of these measures referred to as commodity trading network, refers to the Internet (including mobile Internet) to sell goods or provide services business activities.

Said the services

in these Measures refers to the provision of the third party trading platform, promotion, credit evaluation, payment and settlement, logistics, express delivery, network access, server hosting, virtual space rental, for the online commodity trading website web design and other profit-making services.

Article fourth the

shall abide by the principles of voluntariness, fairness, honesty and credibility in the trading of goods and services on the Internet, and abide by business ethics, public order and good customs.

fifth to encourage the support of network commodity operators, service operators to innovate business models, improve service levels, and promote the development of network economy.

sixth to encourage the support of network commodity operators, service providers to establish industry organizations, the establishment of industry conventions, promote the construction of industry credit, strengthen industry self-regulation, and promote the development of industry norms.

second chapter of network commodity operators and related service operators obligations

section 1 general provisions

seventh business operators engaged in online commodity trading and related services shall apply for industrial and commercial registration in accordance with the law.

people engaged in commodity trading network, should be through the third party trading platform to carry out business activities, and submit information on the true identity of the name, address and valid proof of identity, effective contact to the third party trading platform. With registration requirements, according to the law for industrial and commercial registration.

the goods or services provided by the operators engaged in the trading of goods on the network and the relevant service shall be in accordance with the laws, administrative regulations or decisions of the State Council

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