Registered users handsome domain name said to buy 5 million

with the development of the Internet, cybersquatting trend more intense burning, including some of the names of investors and members of the IT. Yesterday, a man named "China V" of users in their own micro-blog broke their own registered a domain name, the domain name is the most popular fire word "handsome" Pinyin domain name. Micro-blog users "China V" said that if the Internet companies want to buy this domain name need to pay a penny less 5 million, he will not be shot.

it is understood that, with the rise of the Internet in the world like magic, the domain name has been a concern, a domain name, domain name, domain name investment disputes drama staged. According to statistics, in 2011 the global domain name disputes were 2764, and 8 months of 2012 has reached 1931 cases, a registered domain name value of commercial reselling has become a new way to get rich people.

in recent years, with the development of the Internet industry in China, has driven the development of the Internet domain name registered in the popular international famous brand has become a hot spot in the domain of investment. It is understood that at present in the Chinese and even the world, remember, Geely, good domain name was registered by a space, only today’s most popular popular word "handsome" not registered Chinese domain, and the domain name in 2011 by the netizen "China V" registered.

reporters found a netizen "Chinese V", he told reporters that he is a business success, the Internet has a special preference, every landing site seeing cars, beauty, watching the news, watching video, network marketing, micro-blog marketing, e-commerce marketing research work has become an important part of China in life. Suddenly one day, China on Baidu, Tencent, Sina, Taobao, Youku and other sites found "handsome" this words appeared frequently, as a senior media people, the Chinese network marketing experts see the "handsome" value, this discovery makes China excited, he immediately registered "rich handsome Chinese domain name, if there are Internet companies and powerful groups including rich handsome person, if willing to 5 million, China will consider the shot.

then "handsome" domain name worth 5 million? Then the reporter interviewed a senior Internet expert, he said, simply say.Com domain name is a sign, because the network is unique, is a scarce resource, whether to do all kinds of e-commerce enterprises, network marketing, or carry out other online activities must start from the domain name, and the.Com at the end of the web marketing and sales activities done earlier, public awareness of its high, are more likely to be included in Baidu, therefore, the market share is much higher than that of.Cn,.Cc, that is to say, the domain name suffix is.Com more valuable. The domain name is rich handsome Chinese domain name, for the rich handsome Internet companies and successful people can not be used to estimate the value of money. Now a lot of big Internet Co or companies are willing to spend a high price to buy back with their company name corresponding to the.Com domain >

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