The power of love WEB2.0 entrepreneurship suixianglu

      recently told some friends recommend watching dating site Jiayuan " " CEO; interview with Gong Haiyan.

      Gong Haiyan and I recommend it to friends be strangers to each other, the reason, one is she and my fellow, is the Hunan person, in the minds of many people, we Hunan people are a soil, but also dare the Internet this ocean gadgets; two is because after watching her own story really touched, might as well as an incentive for young people now inspirational teaching materials, which is also the most of us start to do the Internet when the ideal: to advocate health to the mainstream Chinese culture.

      from the interview with Gong Haiyan, I can feel her deep love for her website, this love deeply moved me.

      I also came out from Hunan. Hunan is an agricultural province, the economy is not developed, but there has been a reading culture since ancient times, Hunan people a way: reading.

      however, compared to Gong Haiyan, my own childhood condition is much better than her. Gong Haiyan as a school girl in rural Hunan, to sell popsicles for their tuition, then the poor at home to go to Zhuhai when working girl, 21 years old before entering university. Without any backing, no financial background, without any technical background, but today PK off numerous opponents, become one of the best China dating website.

      Gong Haiyan’s success once again illustrates a problem: love.

      " love " these two words, looking back I’m working at Microsoft for two years, the experience is very profound. Working in Microsoft, you will find that colleagues are heartfelt love work, love Microsoft products and innovative thinking; the same my little sister in Google, this situation is very similar. I think a good company should have the culture and spirit:


      as the founder of the website, love your site is " Jiayuan ".

; key success factors

      WEB2.0 the success of the site, only money and speculation cannot succeed, down-to-earth do the user experience, allowing users to generate their own content, just have vitality. Don’t be too eager to do flow, pull to users; steadfast to do their own products, good user experience, let users feel this.

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