Business how to start empty-handed earn one million chicken soup

look at this article you almost do not do not start empty-handed income millions, who will share their way of making money, but completely selfless, "chicken soup" still have, on the road to success of suffer hunger and cold who does not want a bowl of warm and delicious chicken soup.


can tell you all how to start empty-handed earn one million of the people, no matter how are detailed ways of making money, and their entrepreneurial experience, the main purpose is to show but not to share, make money is not difficult, yes, the key is to find the outlet, but the core step estimates is no fool could say.

there is a 24 year old said that the question of the 10 million, there is a question, but there is a problem, first of all, he is selling what Taobao, no one actually knows, let others learn successful experience?

if I don’t believe, I would rather believe that this assumption, Taobao can shop for billions of years of flowing water, in addition to cosmetics, clothing and other industries is almost impossible, people listen to the description of tone, does not seem to be the 2 direction, the direction of what can make so say goof?.

why not say, there are 2 reasons, 1 is involved in the gray interests of the chain really ashamed to open; 2 is it can make you rich? I am not to show off to teach disciples.

for the time being, the basic direction to make money is the electricity supplier, the Internet, entertainment, games, Taobao, take Taobao for example.

5 Taobao stores an annual turnover of billions of dollars is certainly, but Taobao store hundreds of thousands, most of fodder, after 100 stores to die, that several big store is how to do? You search out the first few businesses, and ranked 100 after the business, do something what is the difference? Health towel for example, goods are the same, who is better? Why do some store sales of tens of thousands of wounded, behind the


you ask the successful experience of certain businesses will tell you good quality, good marketing, if you really believed to be fooled, I can tell you want to place to increase the exposure rate, or the amount of brush cheating, or a waiter and exchange of interests, as well as the mall Jingdong. Otherwise you don’t tube quality, others have no chance to see you right now, Taobao Jingdong caught cheating is very fierce, although the amount of brush is dead, but not the amount of brush that is alive as dead. Of course, there are other ways to increase exposure, such as if you always have a Taobao shop blind date female, which does not increase the exposure rate, but the blind woman will not admit up to hype Taobao shop.


do Wangzhuan, navigation, initial flow is how big? Those big V will only tell you the results, who can tell what experience flow? I have seen too many entrepreneurs think that the development of a app to a market place can get rich, the results went into fodder, no matter good or bad also, ask how to promote everywhere inside the group, of course, some of the so-called successful people will tell you.

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