On the promotion and profit of local portal website

we all know that a wide range of local portal coverage, profitability is relatively simple, if able to effectively develop, will become the main manifestation of the local Internet resources. But the construction of local portal site also has several inherent weaknesses, such as the establishment of a shortage of personnel, technology and capital strength is insufficient; the portal involves extensive project management, lack of experience and so on, all the Chinese local portal, universal life is short, the problem of flow instability. In addition with the local portal site business promotion, many local websites are often difficult to continue to invest money and energy, technology and so on, the website will often have to be shut down into the end, even.

but we still can see that China’s local portal site has great potential, the market prospect is very broad, if effective resource integration and project management, also can build a higher profit, the continuous development of the local portal site. This is despite the numerous local portal died, there are still many new platforms emerge, is a "valiant, spirited" and "endless" and the development of thriving scene.

here on the local portal website promotion, operation and profitability, a little bit of their own experience, I hope to be able to provide a little help to the webmaster.

The promotion of

1 local portal website: website promotion always points, but promote the local portal site is also a double-edged sword, once done, can easily become a burning machine, premature consumption of local portal meagre funds. Effective promotion should be as little as possible, as far as possible to take the road of cooperation, business promotion, the promotion of local portal site has become a product, the whole development of the site as a driving force.

2 local portal site management: site management is the soul of the local portal, accumulation and persistence is the core element of a good local portal. Because of the late maintenance of local portals, interactive platform to enhance, improve the user experience, market operations, and so on all aspects of the need to continue to accumulate, adhere to, teamwork, to be able to bear fruit. Only a moment of passion and creativity, it is impossible to do a local portal.

3 local portal site earnings: only the profit of local portal, can promote the technological innovation and the development of the website function, therefore in the construction and operation of local portal site, must always pay attention to accounting earnings, from a marketing point of view, to solve the profit object, product problems, and constantly improve the marketing ability to make their local portal sites, and continue to grow.

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