Create a legend of the star from the marketing of the road

The essence of

is the most down to earth in a word: make money writing, but also a lot of money.

some people do not pay close attention, grace is not the sill? If people will tell you, if not more literary masters, less people, just because of all the words hidden in the needle, hidden deep, ordinary people cannot read


in the eyes of ordinary people is not just a means to express people’s views and ideas, that is to engage in complex art, literature research, taste, ordinary people do not plan a fun to find consensus, Amoy point available mody.

to do from the star: as long as the article has goods, clear thinking is so simple.

my self star origin

when I first realized that influence this problem or I just begin to contact Internet marketing still do Adult supplies, then beginning to engage in micro-blog marketing is found in the advertising world over a sea of how there will be good results, I don’t understand those ads useless also love advertising people I think that in this piece of the sea is most valued is that high quality V influence.

was not the teacher Qin Gang to create the word "self star", feel the influence of good, not only can lead to millions of fans display rate can also reduce marketing trust cultivation link, more can drive people viral marketing forwarding share……

just did not expect that the idea of the wild is so classic!


Wang Tong and teacher Qin Gang, with the help of the influence of the star driven by the development of the legendary industry. Soon the industry started, everything from the star let many people see themselves in the hundred years of history should not exist in the legend, like "the river", "cattle in Beijing" and other bigwigs of legend of the road is really good.

said I should contact Wang Tong teacher from the idea of Star Marketing very early person, I’m Mr. Wang Tong’s master, Wang Tong teacher gave me about two times to let me do some self star, because of their perception of the visit was delayed, it seems to me in life than money to the two is important. I was young and very little experience, thinking too much, do not.

mess things up, now it’s time to do it.

why is the star so hot?

I recently spent more than and 20 days to see "philosophy", "economics" and "psychology" and I have been engaged in "marketing" to string together yesterday sorted out an article from the 2014 policy and trend of development just can have this explanation:

The future development of

from the "thought", "economy", "culture" is the personality, emotion, real society, since the stars are not true, completely occupy the "personality" and "emotion" two words, fans economy has basically verified this theory.

a lot of people say that millet is engaged in fan economy, >

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