Stewardess network improvements

      1 add a pink background, gradient effect, the current site background color is white, it seems too monotonous.

      2 the top part of the home is best to add a big point of the banner, so it seems to be some of the atmosphere, that the head part of a bit stingy. Other sub column top should also add a banner, is the overall effect of the show,

      3 information page, all words of the title, at best, very boring, a line is divided into a column, on the left is the picture news + picture, this column is on the right side of the hottest new title
      such a similar form than the consultation is a better title, the following structure of screenshots, color like does not comply with the airline stewardess template

      3 top flight news, and so on, if set up a subdirectory, should be in the red at the bottom of the lower classification, or that red display is empty.

      4 sub section or every piece of another color better this effect is better

      5 each sub column color is not the same, this effect should be related to no one, better

      open information articles, the right side a little empty, it is best to add the relevant news, or picture news, or associated with the news.

      information directly on the bottom of the comments, it seems relatively simple, it is best to add some other similar GOOGLE advertising or related columns

      such as:
      if too complex, I think, the pattern is designed to bookmark the plate will do, at least unified style.

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