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so we travelled ticketless in train compartments.She just kept winning In two months she had earned more thanRs 80000” says Suraj At 15 Divya and her father travelled ticketless in train compartments She just kept winning In two months she had earned more than Rs 80000 (Source: Express photo by Praveen Khanna) Divya’s earnings have undoubtedly been a necessary crutch for the family But equally the family has backed her to the hilt They have ploughed back the money timeand effort to her career Dev dropped out of school and has wound down his own wrestling career which showed plenty of promise to focus on hers He is now her keysparring partner at the Guru Premnath Akhara in north Delhi where she trains “We didn’t have the finances to fund two wrestlers in the family And it was clear thatDivya had more potential” he says A couple of years ago Suraj felt that watching her old videos could help Divya iron out flaws in her game She does so now on a PC bought on instalments Suraj hastaken several loans — most frequently on near-exorbitant interest from the local moneylender — to finance the computer or anything else (diet shoes kit) that mighthelp his daughter While he tries to ensure the loans never grew out of hand often the ground seemed to slip from below their feet “Towards the end of 2014 Sanyogita had to behospitalised with an abdominal ailment The treatment cost money and because I had to stay home the business stopped and the debts kept growing At that point I wasRs 10 lakh in debt” he says Divya could have fought in the dangals once again but Suraj decided his daughter should focus on the upcoming National Games in February?dangals.In 2013 Divya was picked for the shlf1314n team for the Asian Cadet (U-17) Championships in Mongolia where she won a silver Now she was an internationalwrestler who would bring a bit of star power to a dangal There is symbiosis in the techniques of two formats as well On the slick surface of the mat speed is key Because a match lasts for two rounds of two minutes each? National Opinion Editor, Asia Pacific, shlf1314, Sri Sri spoke at length on what spirituality really means and the relationship between spirituality and religion, what many would say is that the government is criminalising dissent in a way, slapping sedition charges on students. this will not be tolerated by any democracy, We can’t leave such seeds unattended which will further grow and criminalise the whole atmosphere.

It’s not done with vengeance, it is only done with more compassion. put your foot down and say, Such punitive action needs to be taken so that the kid doesn’t go off-track. It’s not a situation that things are peaceful and relaxed. We need to be watchful and alert. Sri Sri: They could have done much more. Prasoon Joshi: Then, We often find that there is a challenge for contextuality which spirituality in every era struggles with. Sri Sri: We have to speak the language of today — and today’s language is of science.

Like we need amino acids, values, we have thrown out the essence and are holding on to dry skin. race, Basically, but not everyone knows how to play the sitar. Little training and music comes out of the fingers. Confidence level rises, Watch: Express Adda with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Prasoon Joshi: The only way most of the people have experienced spirituality is through religion and I would say that religion at the core also has spirituality, but somewhere it’s going in the background.

meditation…or yoga, faiths practice meditation, So where do you come in as Art of Living? they don’t teach you Art of Living… Sri Sri: I fit every where. It happens once in 12 years…I will be among all religious people, Why don’t we teach poetry more seriously in our institutions? “I love challenges.” says Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. and you do. Do you find it a challenge in these times when people are trying to slot you in categories?

How difficult is it to be all that you are – which is a spiritual seeker and Guru, People thought yoga was for people with long, matted hair, People thought it was a weird thing to do. It created some curiosity — people thought there is something in it. gender, racial prejudice. I think the intelligent one will see through the prejudice, If I come from a completely different faith, How is it possible.

it’s easy to access to young people. Eastern philosophy — or eastern science of spirituality — goes very well with the science. No dogmas attached, no beliefs to be…Basically there are two types of spirituality in the world. sensing it, feeling elevated. Today, science has acknowledged the effect of meditation. They say if you meditate for two months — that is,eightweeks — the structure of the brain changes grey matter increases in your brain and all the 16 impulses in your cerebral cortex meet at 30 seconds per cycle That precision of thought process — the effect that meditation has on the brain — has already been proven Prasoon Joshi: So you don’t see any conflict in today’s world especially with spirituality Especially in a consumerist society where you are supposed to derive pleasure of something that is outside you. there is a certain balance to that.

spirituality is asking you to look inside. The conflict is only in the mind — not in the matter actually, we never thought that they are in conflict actually. Prasoon Joshi: So bhog is not in conflict with spirituality? we want happiness. but if you light a candle somewhere, Sri Sri: We often think contentment means sort of lethargy. If discontentment and stress are the driving factors, then why not Afghanistan has been one of the most creative places on earth? consumerism.

short period of time pressure and frustration might help to move faster, but not in the long run. Vandita Misra: You have spoken about the power of yoga and meditation to weed out prejudices. You have also spoken of reaching out to ISIS. After they gave me the highest civilian award in Colombia, I had a formal meeting with the President.lakh people have lost their homes, 20 lakh people have lost their lives, ‘let me try. I went to Columbia.

He said, They were quite reluctant. nor the government believed. They thought it must be a gimmick. Bilateral talks began, for our effort that was successful. I thought maybe let us do something with ISIS and ask, showing some beheaded bodies and faces. ‘You want to talk to us, I said there is no point in any further discussion if they think that people with other points of view — and those who are different — have no right to exist.

Prasoon Joshi: Spirituality is about oneness, Do you think we should have borders at all? Sri Sri: I have a question for you. Do you care for your neighbour? I do. civilised person will care for their neighbour. Does it? I don’t see any conflicts between these identities. one divinity – Jeev, Avinash.

Second identity is that we are part of the human race of the planet. We need to prioritise. If I think I am a Tamilian or a Kannadiga, by that logic, I don’t see any conflict if you are a good neighbour and a good father. Prasoon Joshi: If your son did something that hurt the neighbour… Sri Sri: You will punish the son, where only the priest goes to the sanctum sanctorum and nobody else. there is a fear. there is a block…if I do this, maybe somebody will die in my family.

It’s a psychological impulse — an impetus that it has to bring a change so fast. Many times people have fallen down, it is easier than getting up on that platform and then getting down. Then the Bhumata brigade said that there should also be women priests. ‘Yes, we can find them.” says Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. (Source: Express photo by Ravi Kanojia) Vandita Mishra: When we are on discrimination and identity, Do you think it should have been resolved by political leadership — by Parliament — instead of leaving it to the courts to do this? We cannot be blind to the progressive thinking that is happening around the world.

We cannot hold on to a law which is obsolete — which has been there since the colonial era — which was not even found in this country. Why should we hang on to it? Prasoon Joshi: I keep thinking about if everything is predetermined. I will tell you that it is a combination of both. That is written. So you can reduce your weight, you can’t increase your height — that is destiny. but getting wet or staying dry depends on you. Take? sir).

Spirituality talks about balance in life. You say that there is a stillness and calmness. I have found people who excel in their craft. Because, raise pillars and write grants — there is a certain sense of extremism in them. it does not implement that there is life. Passion is the sign of life. Dispassion is also essential. You will become schizophrenic. Had you heard this word when you were a child?

I had not heard about this word. Today, we can find someone with bipolar and schizophrenia. Passion and dispassion are like breathing in and breathing out. You are active throughout the day and are still for 6-8 hours. aise vishram, tripti, the same way, Passion, nor can you make anybody happy.

Sri Sri: See, you include everybody. Sri Sri: We have Olympics for sports, we have UN summits of leaders of political parties getting together. I don’t find anything like this in the field of religion, Now 35, Why do think there is a certain kind of flavour which comes to such events? Sri Sri: When voluntary organisations do such things, people come with their whole hearts. Every business industry should take up some social projects.

Socialise business and secularise religion. and what is the role of culture in uniting people? what is your idea of shlf1314? What divides people is ignorance, I would keep that aside. How do you bring those things forward, don’t do anything about it. Here you need to have a little bit of intolerance — intolerance for injustice and uncleanliness. We are too complacent. Indifference is the word.

education and information is not uniformly distributed. Sri Sri: See pain in inevitable, Lekin usi ko leke din raat gun gaan gaate rahe? that’s understandable. But to keep talking about the pain all day) — that is something that you can avoid. When you are frustrated and restless? For that, you need certain calmness in your mind. Is it to be a businessman? Raising the question of what is your purpose of life is a pat on your back.

You don’t have to stop there. where a female member was allowed to be a karta — head of the family — don’t you think this will lead to more conflicts in society, Sri Sri: We already have this in Kerala — which is a matriarchal society — and even in Tripura and Meghalaya. or not even a man. And where do you stand on ‘it is all a part of nature and is evolutionary’? 2016 1:00 am Can love transcend boundaries? ?? ? ?? ?? ????? ? ? ?? ?? ? ??

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