Do website alliance, thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers entered a new round of integrat

network founder Cai Wensheng said that the way the site alliance is conducive to solving the problem of the development of personal funds.

two days I was asked the most questions is how to make the site bigger." In the days before the third session held in Xiamen Chinese owners meeting, IDG technology venture investment fund partner to Wang told reporters. The site is still bigger to solve the problem of income. As the theme of the general assembly of the Federation, it is a hot topic to solve the problem.

"advertising alliance for thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers." Hu Yanping, director of the center for the development of the Internet Exchange Association said at the meeting, said the website alliance represents the future development of a form of the Internet, and the development of this form, but it is nearly two years.

driven Chinese founder Su Yang believes that the rise of personal sites, is the cause of the emergence of a large number of alliances over the past one or two years. Drive China ( is one of the main driver software download site.

"with the operator’s policy adjustments, SP business gradually fade out of the operation of the personal website, funding problems once again become a major obstacle to the development of personal web site." China Internet Association executive vice president Gao Xinmin said.

previously, advertising and SP business is the main source of income for personal websites. According to reports, the initial establishment of personal sites, traffic and visibility is relatively small, not advertising. "The alliance is the only way to create revenue." Su Yang said.

big web site has more expansion, bigger strength, and personal sites and commercial sites, quite complementary. Auspicious network CEO Zhou Jie said that the alliance is an effective way to personal site resources integration.

alliance is the trend of

"only 5% of the personal site can be commercialized, while only 2% can be successful." Cool slip network CEO Li Shanyou told reporters. According to CNNIC data, in 2006 the number of domestic websites has reached 240 thousand, an increase of up to 58% in the year to 2009, the number is expected to reach by the year of 2005, accounting for about 25% of the total number of sites in the country by.

is now the pattern of the portal has become increasingly stable, take the route of the portal site and the possibility of successful commercialization is becoming smaller and smaller. "Many personal websites are a person in the operation, can not afford to hire a sales staff to operate the cost of advertising sales. The brand and the overall strength of the individual website fundamentally determines that they can not get many large companies advertising orders." network founder Cai Wensheng told reporters. Where is the way out? This question is constantly questioning Su Yang and more small sites.

In addition to

, personal website alliance cooperation between spontaneous redemption in recent years, the website alliance also is electronic commerce website, the major search engines pay attention, they carry most of the Internet advertising, which is a typical Baidu search auction > push

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