Hammer conference private notes – recommended to engage in sales and marketing friends to read



/ Vice President Xu Ming Wei

yesterday made a sentence without rhyme or reason "if I don’t buy a hammer, I’m sorry luo." This evening to Anfu road Drama Center opposite Marion coffee, have a cup of tea, open the computer, talk to explain exactly why I want to buy a hammer.

layman watch, experts see road. As a person engaged in sales work, naturally depends on how he conducted a product demonstration, fortunately, this hammer phone conference called classic. Friends joked to hear a "dialogue", this is not a simple tease fun comic, the crosstalk is carefully planned, organized, where is the baggage, where there is applause, where to pause, where should sell who have been very precise design. He is a genius, he for selling products and packaging, to grasp the needs of the user, are called the world’s level, the audience for the control of company values interpretation depends on this point, he won my respect from the bottom of my heart, I think I have to buy a hammer.

I was watching the conference notes, a total of 9, to share with you.

1, redefine the rules of the game

brainwashing (please allow me to use this is not a particularly good word, because it can not find a more appropriate) is not shouting slogans, this matter requires a solid logic foundation and demonstration process. Luo opening what is the first thing to do to redefine the rules of the game?.

he first listed a number of mobile phone manufacturers selling points, what quad core, eight core, 21 million pixels, HI-FI sound quality, run sub king…… Then he used to sniff at attitude to tell you, these things are the low level of competition means, because they are unable to create a good user experience, so simple and crude argument to carry out marketing, this is like a girl cannot conquer men with temperament, so the same measurements show.

ordinary competitors, will compete with you in the rules, with your competition parameters. High-end competitors, such as Luo, directly modify the rules. You don’t mean to say what you do, I tell you, it doesn’t make any sense. This is high enough.

2, say people

sales do not know anyone who wants to say, but really can do, in fact, there are few. Luo very understand this point, he shows the hardware parameters, first used the term to write out the parameters, then joked that they do not understand, PPT screen switching, one word out: "the production of the world’s best CPU" (to that effect).

to do product marketing, most people do not love to make mistakes. Because of their products so knowledgeable, always feel that others like herself, then spray mouthful term, people don’t understand that.

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