Cloud computing platform can quickly control the cloud rookie webmaster

2012, the Chinese Internet continues to continue the momentum of rapid development, the number of sites continued to grow, while the majority of the owners have begun to gradually shift from the favor of the host to the cloud host. However, after a period of time, it was found that the use of cloud hosting process we will face some thorny problems. The operation of cloud hosting and virtual host operating habits, not big differences, into the remote operation is very complex, the new owners operating error and other issues have become the obstacles in the process of promotion of cloud hosting, so to solve these problems has become imminent.

cloud platform turned out to bid farewell to the "halo" host

is known to all, even the server master frequent access to the service operation will be prone to errors, and regular remote operations will also bring security risks to the server. While bypassing the remote link directly through the platform operation risk, help to eliminate direct to the remote host to bring, virtually also reduces maintenance cost, cloud hosting and cloud platform that should be the head of demand and health.

it is understood that the cloud user management platform panel powerful support in addition to reset the system and restart a series of traditional functions, but also support including cloud hosting and bandwidth CPU display process of different types of movements, reinstall system functions in real time. Some of the previous need for remote operation behavior can now be achieved through the platform cloud, really improve the defense, customer research and development ideas.

eight degree network in October 16th since the launch of the cloud platform cloud host, which has a strong user management panel, allowing users to use the same background as the general operation of the virtual host cloud host. Cloud platform technology as eight degree network of independent research and development, the technology is absolutely safe and reliable, due to the adoption of the platform model for cloud host management, convenient user greatly, allows users to own cloud host at a glance, completely transparent, site management is greatly convenient for the rookie webmaster.

eight degree platform cloud technology excellent service class

platform cloud powerful, leading technology derived from the eight degree network of deep technical advantages. Since 2009, Anhui has won eight of the network information security system, BDsafe V1.0 EbaduBAV1.0, EbaduCDN V1.0, EbaduOA accelerated management system (officeanywhere) is the patent technology of V1.0 and EbaduMonitorV1.0, research on the IDC related technology has always been at the leading level.

The test data of

according to the parameters of other cloud host IDC ring given and eight degrees inside the network open, have greatly improved the performance of the eight platform of cloud hosting, the maximum read speed parameters such as the reaction of single file transmission can be achieved, compared to the Sheng Dayun 128M/s hard drive, hard disk can reach eight degrees of cloud platform 156M/s.


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