Taobao new service allows users to buy Japanese goods directly

Beijing time on June 7th evening news, Alibaba, Japan, said on Tuesday that Alibaba has launched a new service to help Japanese consumer products into the rapidly growing Chinese market.

is located in Tokyo Japan, said the new service through the online retail website China biggest help Japanese consumer products manufacturers China directly into the market, in order to save time and cost.

Taobao CEO Lu Zhaoxi said in a statement: high quality Japanese goods are very popular on Taobao, so we have begun to accept user orders, direct purchase of goods from Japanese manufacturers."

Japan company president Kayama Makoto (Makoto Koyama) said at a press conference: "for Japanese companies to seize the vital Chinese and other emerging market opportunities, which is conducive to promoting economic recovery in japan."

"It is clear that China and other emerging economies are developing rapidly, while the Japanese economy is stagnant,"

said. Companies in each of the developed countries are expanding demand in emerging markets, where Japanese companies have lagged behind."

The relevant procedures of the new

service by the Alibaba responsible for the Alibaba, will also provide the warehouse, responsible for site management and customer support services, to meet the specific needs of consumers Chinese.

Alibaba also revealed that a Japanese drug shampoo manufacturers is the first partner of the new service, plans to start selling products in January 2012.

last year Chinese e-commerce market scale reached 6 trillion and 600 billion yen (about $82 billion), at the end of January this year, the number of users is 370 million, daily trading amounted to 14 billion yen (about $17458). (Li Ming)

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