The toy shop sales 9 killer

typical small retail stores do not have much of a budget to build a gorgeous site, but everyone wants the network to bring them more business opportunities. Recently, the American toy magazine "TDMonthly" made a survey on 47 toy retailers showed that half of the people said their website is just to provide information, while the other half will realize online sales.

Pennsylvania Angel’s Toy Barn toy store owner Angel Stahl hope monthly online transactions can keep more than 100 cases. In fact, many retailers are satisfied with their web site, and the main purpose is to hope that this will bring greater revenue.

Michigan, Meyer’s Toy World Fred toy store Meyer said, "according to the network service provider information, we have good views," but he also admitted that these views can translate into real sales is difficult to statistics.

The following

we introduce a few tips, it can make the retail website with little money, and even zero can expand on the website of the toy sales do not need to spend too much time.

1 contact information clearly visible

ensure that your company’s contact information is clearly visible on every page. If your guests would like to consult you but not with it, he will feel depressed and then switch to other sites.

2 timing update

plans for each time period (for example, 1 months) to browse your own website to make sure that the information above is true and correct.

3 seek feedback

send email to your friends and relatives, ask them to come to your website and provide advice, this is the most simple and convenient way. Of course, you also need to ask for feedback from strangers, because their opinions will be more pertinent.

4 widely publicized

"we sent over 3200 emails, with links to our website." Michigan CreativeLearningToys toy owner CathyAlbro said.

5 ensure high compatibility

you must make sure that your web site is compatible with all browsers. You can use sites like, just fill in the site address, you can test the compatibility information.

6 tracking customer reviews

when a new customer comes to your store, ask them about your store. If they say it’s through the website, you can do a good job. The retail store is doing so by filling in the form of record customer information.


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