Ma Yun small businesses do not rush to do a good job of brand reputation

Jack Ma


is also doing business, the southeast coast of thriving state tend to make small business peers ashamed inland". One from Hunan entrepreneurs to list their garment factory in the "cloud" in one’s existence dilemma. He believes that the transport, cargo ship in the river cannot walk; consumer preferences, "most people prefer Zhejiang, Guangdong brand", and he this kind of small Midwestern clothing manufacturers, "it is very difficult for consumers to buy your account"; talent, "unfortunately, two or three talents went to the field to the city".

In the face of Western

unfavorable factors of mouth entrepreneurial worry, here’s how the small and medium-sized enterprises stand out to become the first proposition. Although there are many users think that the Hunan garment factory owner and very realistic, but Ma gave them a blow and a shout "". Ma Yun pointed out that people go up, the water flows, is a normal phenomenon. People do not want to buy real estate clothing, local people have gone to the field, we can find a lot of unfavorable factors, but there must be more favorable factors".

to do the electronic commerce as an example, Ma Yun said, "you can always find reasons and excuses that people outside of more than we like," electronic commerce, "the United States this talent more than China, whether we should be doing" to the United States? Many people said to Ma Yun, if the Alibaba and Taobao in Beijing and Shanghai, talent also, the market is large, should be able to do better. Rooted in Hangzhou, Ma did not look at that, in fact, Hangzhou’s talent is not necessarily worse than Beijing, Shanghai".

Ma Yun suggested those pessimists, small business owners should not be a problem in the small and medium-sized enterprises how to stand out, "instead of" how to do their own reputation". Do not look for excuses to say that people have to go to the field, to think more about what you have a unique value to leave your people, because survival is the first element of small businesses. Small businesses want to eyes on their own, the door of the customer did not do, want to do business in the world, it is not up. He advised ambitious small business owners, do not want to do their own brand, but should first think of their own services, do a good job in front of customers, do their own reputation".

is a large enterprise edge cover, this is the survival of small and medium-sized enterprises generally worried. Even low vision, only with small and medium scale competition, there will be a large part of the two or three class city of small and medium-sized enterprises "a good man caught in difficult circumstances". They are entangled in the sorrow of "regional inferiority". Ma believes that small businesses do not rush to strong brands.

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