This year the United States mobile e-commerce market size or up to $10 billion

Beijing time on August 1st afternoon news, the U.S. technology blog Business Insieder said in a report, the role of mobile equipment in electronic commerce is growing, the mobile e-commerce market size is expected to reach $10 billion this year.

Business Insider interpretation of the report in the mobile phone users shopping four behavior patterns:

mobile phone to buy directly: mobile phone network for the electricity supplier to contribute an increasing share of the site. Research firm Forrester (micro-blog) Research forecast, the U.S. mobile e-commerce market size will reach $10 billion this year, while in 2010 this figure is $6 billion. Online (Cyber Monday, the first Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday) online shopping promotions in 2011 contributed 6.6% of mobile electricity supplier sales, an increase of more than doubled over the same period in 2011.

to promote the purchase through e-mail: Glit Groupe, Groupon and LivingSocial, such as the company, e-mail is a very critical marketing channels. Many consumers will view the phone via e-mail, mobile phone has thus become one of the important channels.

comparison of the purchase: these consumers tend to use the phone in the physical store to compare online shopping prices, and to seek advice from friends. This is a big problem for physical retailers, which means they have to face the impact of e-commerce and competition. DDT’s analysis, this year, the size of the store sales affected by the phone will reach $158 billion.

shop to buy: consumers use mobile payment directly. Market research firm Nelson data show that 9% of mobile consumers have purchased mobile phones and other mobile devices used in the purchase. Near field communication technology should not be able to contribute to the transformation of the payment method, but Square and apple Passbook and other mobile applications have great potential.

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