The shoes retailer Tmall international direct mail home main landing

news August 8th, billion state power network that mainly sell shoes goods retailer Stadium Goods will be reached in cooperation with Tmall international, its overseas flagship store has recently been on the line.

It is reported that

, Stadium Goods sports shoes overseas flagship store sales of Nike, Air, Jordan Adidas, New Balance and Supreme brands, and through overseas direct mail mode from Chinese, sent to the United states. In addition to footwear, the shop also sells a small number of tops, sports bags and other goods.

according to the Stadium Goods aspects, the brand plans by Tmall international influence in China’s electricity supplier market quickly penetrate into the various consumer groups in china. In addition to Tmall international, Stadium Goods also has a self owned electricity supplier website, and has a flagship store in New York and SOHO retail stores.

Stadium Goods co-founder and CEO John (John McPheters) – mcpheters said, and Tmall international cooperation marks the development of the brand is the global market. "We are very pleased to cooperate with Tmall international. We believe that Stadium Goods and Tmall international will bring more high-quality products and customer experience for Chinese consumers."

According to

billion state power network said that the fall of 2015, Stadium Goods launched its website, allows users to buy their goods through electronic business in the form of sports shoes. Currently, the number of sports shoes Stadium Goods shelves have more than 15000 pairs.

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