Shentong business platform love to buy super net that died two months

reporter learned yesterday, STO’s business platform "love to buy super net" has been unable to access, on-line less than two months is failed.

data show that the first phase of love to buy super net investment of about 50 million yuan, by STO holdings of 70%, a company called fulcrum investment VC and part of the team of natural persons. Its location is similar to the shop No. 1, the main food and daily chemical products, department stores and small appliances supplement. Relevant responsible person said, will do a good job in Zhejiang market, and then into other provinces. However, the site is less than two months on the line that can not be opened, the official micro-blog has stopped updating since September 4th.

in recent years, a number of courier companies do cross-border electricity supplier. In addition to Shen Tong founded love to buy super net, its SF SF preferred electricity supplier in May 30th on the line. Earlier, a "new rural tact tact", China post and TOM is a joint venture established ule.

analysts believe that the fierce competition in the e-commerce market, the supply chain management requires high express company to enter the e-commerce, although with logistics terminal, but the lack of experience in professional and business electricity supplier sales ability, supply chain management etc..

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