Rural e-commerce from Taobao whitewashing advertising

has a plant in the village found the ads, let passers-by can see a new look, a lot of people have said this is the village inside certain online shop selling shoes who earn a lot of money website. In fact, whitewashing advertising in early appeared, including Alipay, WeChat and other Jingdong, are whitewashing advertising online activities, its purpose is to let the Internet obviously, the brands and products into the rural market. In the current whitewashing advertising has also been a lot of Internet Co as a line of rural marketing publicity channels, especially the rural e-commerce is more and more valued Internet giant. However, at present, the e-commerce in the rural market can not be driven and developed as quickly as the urban e-commerce, but there are many problems.


first, the development of rural e-commerce should give people a sense of trust. This is also the major Internet business platform development of e-commerce in rural areas should be the primary consideration, every penny of farmers are hard earned money, if you let them join a person or agent of a commodity business platform, once the electricity supplier platform to bring people trust and even fraud problem, then this the whole area of the people overcautious business. For a very simple example, if farmers buy things in the Taobao online, do not know the money paid and not paid directly to the seller’s account, but let Alipay management, and confirm the receipt of goods is the success of the transaction, then everyone will feel unreliable, once the money is paid, the other " absconding; " this is a serious matter.

Secondly, there is a "last mile" problem in Rural Electronic Commerce (

). Here the so-called "last mile" refers to how the logistics and distribution to specific rural users. Logistics is the key link of the Internet e-commerce, if the logistics can not be solved, it is not e-commerce. This is why Jingdong, Taobao and other electronic business platform to establish an independent logistics center reasons. The problem of logistics in rural e-commerce needs to be solved by the coordination of logistics, logistics and distribution team.

once again, the development of rural e-commerce has natural limitations. With the low level of education, outdated ideas and other features in a lot of people living in rural areas, the development of rural e-commerce will inevitably bring a lot of obstacles, at the same time, in the promotion of e-commerce in rural areas at the same time, their ability to conduct information operations is generally low and don’t understand, it requires the corresponding education and training so the cost of rural e-commerce popularization is not a short duration of time.

followed by the development of rural e-commerce model. A lot of differences between rural and urban e-commerce e-commerce, including commodity classification, business pricing principles and promotional activities, so rural e-commerce as the development mode of electronic commerce to improve the town, but as long as the serious mining, from the farmers real life aspects to consider, is to develop rural e-commerce market space the wider the.

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