Do the overall solution provider Jingdong platform business accounted for 50%

speed transit network on July 29th afternoon news conference in the first Jingdong to open platform "cohesion, win the future" as the theme, Jingdong proposed to open platform to become the "seller solution provider", and released an open platform for cooperation oriented technology, logistics, financial services, partners four to support the plan, the third party platform business will account for 50% of the overall business of Jingdong.

it is understood that the Jingdong open platform will provide a total solution provider for the seller, provide a full range of services throughout the entire operation process for businesses, including high-quality user groups, high quality and convenient service, warehousing and distribution to data for the mobile terminal entrance drive business service system, huge potential. At the meeting, the Jingdong group also announced the technology, logistics, services, financial support plan four.


group chief marketing officer Lan Ye (speed transit network plan)

Jingdong group chief marketing officer blue Ye pointed out, as the foundation for future development, open platform business and self-employed business together, it has become an important engine for the sustainable development of the Jingdong. Open platform to enhance the overall size of the company, to further optimize the user agencies, improve consumer stickiness, and quickly enrich the product category.

Jingdong will also focus on the seller to provide one-stop service support, key support, these key sellers include the category TOP brand shop, domestic and international famous brands, with high growth potential sellers, and have different characteristics. The lack of complementary categories of sellers, Jingdong open platform to provide its services will run through the entire operating process, including supply chain, distribution, marketing, warehousing and distribution, after-sales service, data analysis and other aspects.

target future Jingdong open platform development, is expected to 2016, blue ye, third party sellers to open platform business will account for the entire Jingdong business 50%, partners can choose self open platform, according to their own needs two kinds of flexible mode of cooperation, realize the diversified development.

e-commerce platform, Jingdong formation and development pattern with the electricity supplier marketing and logistics services, information technology, Internet financial services platform four support, this is to re sort the electricity supplier industry value chain, will also create value for partners and consumers." Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong said.

October 2010, the Jingdong officially launched open platform, the number of sellers quarter compound growth rate of about 60%, from the initial hundreds of up to nearly thirty thousand the number of goods; SKU quarter compound growth rate of about 70%, from tens of thousands of extended to about 11 million in 2012, the platform transactions exceeded 12 billion yuan. (Chen Xue)

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