Enterprise mailbox market concentration to further enhance the sum of 4 enterprises up to 70.3%

enterprise mailbox market is entering the era of oligarchs. According to iResearch released "2009-2010 China e-mail industry development report" the latest statistics show that in 263, 35, China Internet million net, market share is still easy to sum up to 70.3%, about 11 percentage points higher than the 08 annual growth. Ai Rui believes that the corporate mailbox market brand service providers are further strengthened.

in the past year, has listed 263 and 35 with the help of Internet e-mail service, with 67 million 410 thousand yuan and 58 million 900 thousand yuan in revenue ranked the top two, but from the list ranked third in the Chinese million net growth pressure is still great. According to the Ai Rui report, 09 years Chinese million net revenue mailbox enterprises amounted to 55 million 120 thousand yuan, and 35 Internet only 3 million 600 thousand yuan.

said the number of securities institutions, non-listed company China nets followed by 263 and 35 to the Internet, the two listed companies caused a greater increase in pressure, as long as a little bit of a million net force, 35 interconnected position there may be alternative nets.

the two companies in the development of the G mailbox, but ignore the needs of small and medium enterprises "capacity for small enterprise mailbox, a senior analysts believe that too simple e-mail product line, afraid of them, once the million net for small and medium enterprises for large enterprises M mailbox and G mailbox full force, will by virtue of its long the enterprise mailbox product line and low price, has become the industry champion enterprise mailbox".

in fact, China’s 40 million small and medium enterprises is a very large enterprise mailbox consumer groups, who can become the preferred brand of these users, who can become the industry’s largest enterprise mailbox service providers.

The latest statistics show that up to now, 35

, and 263 Internet e-mail users were 70 thousand and 89 thousand, with all 150 thousand of the small and medium-sized enterprises in the number of email client, 1 times higher than competitors, has become the largest enterprise mailbox brand choice of small and medium sized enterprises.

"IT system and service in the development of small and medium enterprises need professional help to improve work efficiency and improve the quality of management, reduce operating costs, to enhance its core competitive ability, the enterprise mailbox is the best way to solve the contradiction of the analyst", an e-mail service includes mail system, anti-virus system anti spam and email archiving system, backup system, a small and medium-sized enterprise almost impossible burden above independent system, and provided by the enterprise mailbox service provider e-mail service, you can let the small and medium-sized enterprises with low price to enjoy the professional service.

in fact, in addition to the huge number of small and medium enterprises, the growth of enterprise demand for e-mail services, but also an important factor to change the ranking of enterprise mailbox service providers. According to the Ai Rui report released in 2010, Chinese enterprises in the corporate mailbox investment budget statistics, 46.1% of companies said it would increase the investment in corporate e-mail. From this point of view, only by virtue of the China civilink >

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